Autumn Canton Trade Fair Buyers Increase

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GUANGZHOU, Nov. 5 – Overseas visitors to the autumn Canton Trade Fair “appeared 20 percent higher” than the previous two fairs earlier this spring and last autumn according to reports from the local office of Dezan Shira & Associates.

The fair, which is now held every six months, has recently moved to larger premises, while the commodities on offer have also been divided between spring and autumn. The current fair has been textile based.

“Buyers from overseas have shown an increase during this fair over the previous two fairs” said the managing director of Romulus Hong Kong, a major purchaser of textiles and fashion designs for several major Italian brands said yesterday. “It’s still not back to the levels we saw prior to 2007, but it appears healthier than the previous two fairs.”

Textile purchasing in China has taken a hit the past few years due to quota systems being in place on cheap Chinese exports, and the rise of other producers such as India. “The Guangzhou Fair remains an easy way to assess prices and quality” said Romulus, “However we are all keeping an eye open for India to get better organized. But for now Guangzhou is the easiest option.”

An increase in buyers at the fair, the world’s largest, would be considered another small sign that international buyers of some commodities at least, are starting to return to an increase in buying. The previous two fairs had seen the lowest attendance for 20 years.

Buyers at the Guangzhou Fair requiring contractual advice on purchasing and related matters may contact Rosario Di Maggio, regional manager of Dezan Shira & Associates Guangzhou.

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