China Adjusts Import Duty Rates for Certain Products

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Mar. 26 – According to the “Circular Regarding Adjustment of Import Duty on Certain Products (shuiweihui [2012] No.4)” issued by the State Tariff Committee, import duty rates for liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and three other categories will be adjusted to interim rates from April 1, 2012.

The import duty rates of LCD panels (32-inches and above) without backlight modules (Tariff Catalog No. 90138030) will be subject to a 5 percent most-favored-nation (MFN) rate instead of the current 3 percent interim rate.

Import duty rates on camera eyepieces with diopter adjustment function (90029010) will be lowered from the 8 percent MFN rate to a 3 percent interim duty, while import duties on other eyepieces with diopter adjustment function (90029090) will be adjusted to a 10 percent interim rate from the current 15 percent MFN rate.

Import duty rates on trimmer knife units for paper-cutting machines (84419010) will be lowered to a 3 percent interim rate from an MFN rate of 8 percent.

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