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    Investing in China’s Future: The New Silk Road Economy

    Where does the future of the Chinese economy lie? This article looks at some macro-scale trends in China’s investment environment to identify how foreign investors can get in on the ground floor of tomorrow’s opportunities.

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    China Regional Spotlight: Hefei, Anhui Province

    By Alex Tangkilisan Oct. 28 – Dubbed the ‘City of Science and Education’ due to its more than 200 universities and research centers/laboratories scattered throughout the city, Hefei is the capital of the Anhui Province in Eastern China. The city itself has five counties and four districts under its jurisdiction, and has a population of[…..]

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    China Regional Spotlight: Wuhan, Hubei Province

    By Shirley Zhang Aug. 27 – With the Yangtze River running through the city, Wuhan was once nicknamed the “River City.” In addition to that, Wuhan has been referred to as the “Chicago of China” due to its role as a transportation hub for central China. It was even, at one point, described by way[…..]

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    New Issue of China Briefing: Sourcing from China

    In this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we outline the various sourcing models available for foreign investors and discuss how to decide which structure best suits the sourcing needs of your business. Perhaps the most important factors to consider when choosing a sourcing structure are your staffing requirements, your need for operational flexibility, and which option offers the greatest cost efficiencies. In this issue, we compare how each of these factors match up with the available sourcing platforms in order to help foreign businesses find the best option for their specific sourcing needs.

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    Utilizing Development Zones in China

    Larger doesn’t always mean better when considering development zones in China, and foreign investors looking for specific services or tailored benefits to meet their business needs may find it more helpful to look at the smaller, more focused types of development zones available.

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    Picking China’s Middle Hanging Fruit – The New Inland Consumer

    Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis May 13 – Much commentary in the media has recently been focusing on the “China slowdown” and the impact of the country’s lower GDP growth figures going forward. In reality, measuring GDP growth is always a losing game, and not a particularly good indicator of how an economy is progressing. China[…..]

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    New Issue of Asia Briefing: An Introduction to Development Zones Across Asia

    In this issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, we break down the various types of development zones available in China, India and Vietnam specifically, as well as their key characteristics and leading advantages. We then go on to provide a snapshot of the latest development zones across the rest of Asia. We hope that this issue will provide the basic fundamentals to understanding one of the most important business tools available to international businesses operating in Asia.

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    Central China on the Rise

    Located in the heart of central China, Wuhan, the capital of Hubei has traditionally being one of the country’s most important economic and transportation centers. However, with the introduction of the reform and opening-up policy to the country’s coastal areas in the 1970s, Wuhan has fallen behind the economic wave. Most investors bypassed the city and throw their capital in places like Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Showing 8 of 39 articles