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China Approves Plan for Creation of the Central Plains Economic Zone

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Jan. 3 – To support the balanced development of different regions within the country, China’s State Council officially approved the “Planning for a Central Plains Economic Zone (2012-2020) (guohan [2012] No.194, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Planning’)” on November 17, 2012. The proposed economic zone would cover the entirety of Henan Province, as well as twelve municipalities and two counties in the adjoining provinces of Shandong, Anhui, Hebei, and Shanxi.

The Central Plains Economic Zone (CPEZ) represents the largest economic zone in the country in terms of area and population, boasting a total area of 289,000 square meters and a population of roughly 179 million. Continue reading…

Joint Ventures Back in Vogue for Accessing China’s Central Regions

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Local knowledge sought out when investing for new market penetration in inland and western regions

Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Jul. 18 – A growing trend in China is the desire for MNCs to look at China’s central and western regions for market development and growth, as these areas provide the surest bet of securing high value growth while China’s eastern provinces experience a slowdown in their economies. It also heralds a minor shift in what has been the preferred route for foreign investors to take, namely the wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE).

Yet the popularity of the WFOE has only really been a 10-year cyclical model, dating back to 2002 when China liberalized the foreign investment sector and permitted a far wider range of 100 percent FDI activities than had previously been the case. The 10 years prior to this had seen joint ventures (JVs) rule as the established method of getting into China, with the consequences of running with a Chinese partner providing both amazing tales of growth and success, coupled with stories of disasters as well. Some were painfully recalled in massively popular books such as “Mr. China,” yet such accounts only told part of the JV story – many were and remain quietly successful. Continue reading…

Taxation on Real Estate Rental Income in China

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Including city-specific details on Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Feb. 7 – Both Chinese nationals and a foreign individuals are subject to a combination of taxes on real estate rental income: including individual income tax (IIT), business tax (BT), property tax (PT), urban maintenance and construction tax (UMCT) and an education surcharge (ES).

If simply left to adding up all those rates according to each specific tax law, the taxation on individual rental income would end up pretty high. However, in a move to energize China’s housing supply market, the Chinese government began offering some tax incentives starting in 2008. Continue reading…

Free China Expat Culture Book Download

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Sept. 30 – China Expat, China Briefing’s sister site covering all things concerning the interaction between overseas expatriates and Chinese culture, celebrates 10 years of existence this year and has released a complimentary book – “China Expat – A Decade of Writing: 2001-2011” – with a selection of articles contributed to the title over the past decade. The book is launched today both as a anniversary gift to China expats home and abroad, and also to celebrate China’s National Day, which falls on October 1.

“China Expat – A Decade of Writing: 2001-2011” brings together a collection of the published work of four well known expats for the first time in one volume. With articles taken from the archives of the original China Expat magazine, and more recently the online blog from the past 10 years, this collection will provide memories of days gone by, provoke exclamations of “I didn’t know that!” and inspire today’s generation of expats to get out, about and explore. In an age when blogs are mainly blah, the China Expat articles within will provoke, provide food for thought, and raise a wry smile.
Continue reading…

A Business Guide to Western China – Local Markets and Exotic Exports

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A complete overview of the trade dynamics and foreign investment opportunities from Xi’an to Xinjiang, and from Mongolia to Tibet.

Op-ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Aug. 26 – China’s western regions have long held a fascination for many. The route of the ancient Silk Road, the mysteries of the orient, huge deserts, enormous mountains, a collision of religious, language and numerous tribal cultures, creating an enigmatic region not short of romance, mystery and intrigue. Continue reading…

China’s Second Tier Cities – the New Kids on the Block

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By Nicholas Hughes

Jul. 6 – The HSBC Trade Exchange took place at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai’s World Financial Center last week from June 27 to June 30. It saw the gathering of business leaders from firms across Europe to understand more about the vast opportunities that are presented by the Chinese market.

Businesses represented at the event were either already doing business in China and were not sure how to capitalize on the new opportunities, or were seriously considering the opportunity of entering China. The guidance, advice, and exchanging of information took place in the form of a series of key-note speeches, presentation, and workshops from industry experts, FDI consultancies, and HSBC representatives. Continue reading…

Complimentary Reports Available from China Briefing

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Dec. 24 – Over the past year we’ve released a number of complimentary reports. As its the festive season and we know our readers have been very good this year, we provide a one stop shop to each of them, complete with complimentary downloads just in case you missed them the first time around. They include reports on business in China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Emerging Asia, as well as industry guides, city guides, in-depth regional overviews in addition to tourism related material. We hope you enjoy them.

Happy New Year! Continue reading…

China’s Fastest Growing Provinces: The Demographics

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Nov. 8 – At the recent Economist China Summit, Michael Koenig and Christophe Bezu, of Bayer and Adidas respectively, emphasized that Central China would experience renewed growth and development as per capita GDP and household disposable income increased at the same time that the coastal areas experienced a slowdown.

Last week, we featured the top five fastest growing cities in China, Hefei, Baotou, Shenyang, Changchun and Hohhot. Today, we look at the five of the emerging provinces: Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Hunan, Jilin, Hubei. It is no real surprise that they are all inland. Continue reading…

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