When Expats Get Blacklisted in China

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The reasons why and the implications of falling foul of Chinese regulations

By Eunice Ku

Apr. 6 – The State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) is the national governmental organization directly under the State Council that coordinates local Administrations of Industry and Commerce (AICs).

Among the many SAIC and AIC functions and responsibilities, those highly relevant to the foreign investor include:

  • Overseeing the registration and supervision of enterprises, including punishing businesses without licenses;
  • Managing IPR registration and protection, including investigating and punishing IPR infringement activities and handling IPR disputes;
  • Enforcing Anti-Trust Law, including investigating and punishing unfair competition, commercial bribery, smuggling and other illegal economic activities;
  • Categorizing enterprises by creditability and publicizing basic registration information;
  • Supervising trade in food commodities; and
  • Supervising advertising activities. Continue reading…

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