Lust? Caution? Becoming a Global Challenger with Chinese DNA

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Competing in China – the multinational’s perspective, plus the development of Chinese MNCs

Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Nov. 24 – This is Part III of my essay concerning the discussions and findings of the annual Economist China Summit, bringing together the cream of China-based businessmen, academics and analysts. Part I may be viewed here and Part II here.

In this session, a panel of MNCs and corporate advisors were brought together to discuss the evolution of MNCs in China and how to remain competitive with domestic businesses. On the panel were Rajeev Molares, Asia-Pacific president at Alcatel-Lucent; Shane Tedjarati, present and CEO at Honeywell China and India; Jiang Weiming, president at DSM China; and Robert Poole, vice-president at the U.S.-China Business Council. Continue reading…

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