China Renewable Energy Industry Report: Nov. 2

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Nov. 2 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China.

Solectria Renewables to open plants in China, India
U.S. photovoltaic inverter maker Solectria Renewables LLC has announced plans to open plants in China and India with capacity of 300 megawatts and 200 megawatts, respectively.

The company said that the expansion of its manufacturing activities into the two countries had been prompted by the significant growth opportunities they offer for commercial and utility photovoltaic projects.

Solectria Renewables’ president Phil Vyhanek stressed that no jobs would be shifted out of North America as a result of the plans and that the company continued to expand its manufacturing operations in Massachusetts and Ontario.

Chief executive James Worden noted that the company had lifted its North American capacity to 1 gigawatt in the current year and said that the expansion into India and China was a strategic move designed to put the company “at the forefront of the three most dynamic solar economies in the world.” Continue reading…

China Renewable Energy Industry Report: Oct. 18

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Oct. 18 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China.

Japanese scientists see huge solar potential in Himalayas
According to Japanese researchers the Himalayas could become one of the hot spots for solar power development in the future.

A team of researchers have found that some of the coldest and highest places around the globe have better solar resource than some deserts. The Andes and Antarctica are among the other cold regions with solar power potential, according to the research. Continue reading…

China Renewable Energy Industry Report: Oct. 10

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Oct. 10 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China.

NCKU, Taiwan Generations venture into offshore wind power
The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), the Metal Industries Research and Development Center and Taiwan Generations Corp have joined hands on an offshore wind power project of up to 200-megawatt capacity.

The partners intend to build an offshore wind farm off Taiwan that would be capable to produce around 640 million kWh of power a year, the university said. The targeted output would be enough to meet the electricity needs of 130,000 local households. Continue reading…

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