2012 China Investment, Operational and Budget Tips

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Op-ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Nov. 1 – Getting a handle on budgets for China businesses in 2012 is proving to be a headache this year, as so much is hanging in the balance. In emerging markets such as China, it is difficult enough already to cater for the inevitable bumps along the road, preparing for the forthcoming year is as difficult as I ever remember it – and I’ve managed Dezan Shira & Associates through the Asian Financial Crisis (1997), SARS (2003) and now the Global Financial Crisis (2008). Note the time spread – something difficult occurs in China on average once every five years. Continue reading…

2012 China, India and ASEAN Growth to Stimulate Foreign Investment

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China, India and ASEAN all key to FDI in Asia and obtaining corporate growth

Op-ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Oct. 31 – Foreign direct investment trends are still on course to invest in the China and Asian markets in 2012, despite an upsurge in manufacturing costs in China. Although India is set to supplant China next year as the nation with the highest rates of growth, China is only marginally behind. The Chinese market has been hit by both a global slowdown and demand for products, as evidenced by the poor growth rates in the United States and Eurozone, in addition to a careful recalibration of its domestic economy to a more reliant consumer economy. Continue reading…

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