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Hainan Carries Out Pilot Reform for Commercial Franchising


Hainan has launched a Commercial Franchise Reform Pilot Work Plan, providing several actions to promote the franchise industry within and beyond the province island

Hainan FTP Allows Qualified Foreign Universities to Run Independently in the Province


Foreign universities will have the opportunity to run independently in the Hainan FTP.

Hainan Province in China Allows Import of Urgently Needed Drugs and Medical Devices from May 1


Hainan will allow overseas medical devices, in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), and drugs that are unapproved at the national level – to be used exclusively in the Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. We discuss the specific conditions that apply.

New Facilitated Pick-up (Duty-Free) Policy in Effect in Chinese Province of Hainan


Hainan has announced two new ways to collect offshore duty-free items starting April 1, 2023 – with associated tax benefits.

Investing in Hainan: Industry, Economics, and Policy


As China advances with its free trade ambitions, it’s a good time to learn about investment opportunities in Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP).

Hainan Free Trade Port’s New Preferential Tax Policies: How do They Apply (updated)


Hainan Free Trade Port’s incentives include lower corporate and income tax rates for qualified entities between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2024.

Hainan’s Negative List for Overseas Service Providers: An Explainer


Overseas service providers looking at Hainan should note how the negative list for cross-border trade in services will impact market access in 11 sectors.

China Releases First Negative List for Cross-Border Services Trade in Hainan: See Translated Document


The list was released on July 26, and will be implemented from August 26, 2021.

Showing 8 of 226 articles
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