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    Are US, EU, and UK Based Editorial Fit for Purpose When Trying to Understand China?

    Getting to grips with China’s foreign policy requires rather more than a singular US-, EU-, or UK-based approach. by Chris Devonshire-Ellis China media analysis has tended to be dominated by US-based opinion in recent years, with blogs and websites, such as China Big Idea, Sinocism, and Sup China, as well as columnists, such as Tom[…..]

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    No Lame Duck Second Term Presidents for China

    There has been much hand wringing in the Western media concerning the decision by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party to abolish the two-term limit for the President and Vice-President. However, like much in Chinese politics, it could easily have been predicted. The four main issues that will have prompted the change are[…..]

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    Letters from America: Getting Emerging Asia into your U.S. Business Strategy

    This is Part I of our ongoing Letters from America to Asia Series, featuring opinions and observations on America’s trade relations with China and emerging Asia from Chris Devonshire-Ellis. Oct. 1 – It’s been an interesting couple of weeks as I begin my stint in North America after being based in China for the past[…..]

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    So China Has Overtaken Japan. Now What?

    I’ve spent the past week in Tokyo, evaluating opportunities for our firm to have a presence there. During my stay, the official news (actually it’s been suspected for some time) that China had overtaken Japan as the world’s second largest economy broke. While many of the international newspapers concentrated on the reaction of Chinese nationals, the reaction in Japan was rather more muted.

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    Setting Up in India Compared With China

    An examination of the applicable China – India investment vehicles, taxes, labor costs and available investment incentives Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb.11 – As the cost of doing business in China increases, many international investors are looking at alternative locations to operate from, in addition to keeping an eye on new emerging markets. India is[…..]

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    When China Mandatory is Negotiable

    Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb. 11 – Among all the furor in the United States concerning China listing deals being uncovered as fraudulent reverse mergers, it seems that an estimated US$38 billion of value may have just gone up in smoke. A number of Chinese companies have been found to have misled dealmakers in bids to[…..]

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    Applying for China Visas. It’s a Compliance Issue

    Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb. 10 – The issue over obtaining China visas is a perennial question, and China itself is not always consistent in regard to the application guidelines for foreigners wishing to travel to the country on business. In particular, for businessmen, there is often confusion over which of the two pertinent visa[…..]

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    Kicking A China Business’s Tires – The Checklist

    Part Four in our four part series on China due diligence Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis and Sabrina Zhang Feb. 9 – As we have discussed in our previous articles this week (see links to these articles at the end of this post), due diligence is perhaps one of the most important concepts that any investor[…..]

Showing 8 of 92 articles