Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence, #44

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

This week’s BRI Investor Intelligence has a strong Central Asian theme as both China and Russia look to reassert their economic, infrastructure, and political strengths in the region and link it closer to Southeast Asia. Global trade and investment dynamics are changing fast and these developments are key in unlocking regional wealth; now that the United States and the West have essentially departed, a new era is arriving.

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Xinjiang: Central Asia’s Wealthy, Prepared and Influential Trade and Investment Partner 

Horgos Port Develops a Key China-European Rail Hub 

Investing in the Greater Bay Area: Dongguan  


China and Kyrgyzstan: Bilateral Trade and Future Outlook 

China’s Future Trade and Development Intent with Afghanistan 


Opportunities in Vietnam’s Northern Key Economic Region 


Russian 2021 Exports to Asia Will Soon Overtake its Exports to Europe 

Russia and Uzbekistan Plan Agricultural Rail Freight Corridors 

Foreign Investment into Russia’s Special Economic Zones 


China’s Belt & Road and Beyond 

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