Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #64

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This week, we note two additional countries joining China’s BRI, which brings total participating countries to 144, China’s SOE reforms, the impact of US and EU sanctions on Russia-Asia trade, the Arctic Railways, the Digital Silk Road, and an international roundup of BRI global developments.

How China Is Reforming its SOEs to Become Global Giants

Six unique case studies of China’s SOE mixed hybrid reforms, which will likely result in internationally significant multi-billion-dollar IPOs.

Syria Joins China’s Belt & Road Initiative 

Massive post war reconstruction will see China invest billions in rebuilding infrastructure in return for energy supplies and trade routes.

Nicaragua Joins China’s Belt & Road Initiative

Will trade with China leave more on Nicaragua’s plate than its current dominant trade partner the United States? Nicaraguan President Ortega believes so.

How Will Russia-Asian Trade Develop if the US and EU Put More Sanctions in Place?

Moscow has already diversified its supply chains away from the EU.

China’s Digital Silk Road
Digital know-how along the Belt & Road Initiative will set future global tech standards.

Russia Studies Arctic Rail Links to the Barents Sea

Proposals are likely to include rail links to Indiga, a new Arctic Port with a capacity to process 200 million tons of freight by 2025.

China’s Belt & Road and Beyond

All the latest international headlines, analysis, and opinion about the Belt & Road Initiative.

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