Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #67

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There’s plenty of China-Russia trade and investment talk this week as well as significant connectivity projects, trade, and investments between the European Union, Central Asia, and China, in addition to strategic Iranian redevelopment. Plus, free land on Russia’s borders with Northern Europe.

Putin’s Message to the Chinese People: “Russia & China: A Future Oriented Strategic Partnership”

Putin spells out the China-Russia trade potential as tensions over Ukraine and Taiwan mount.

Georgia’s Belt and Road Initiative – Accelerating EU and Central Asian Trade  

The Hualing Free Industrial Zone is providing added value production to Asian goods destined for European and North American markets.

China, Russia Negotiating to Build and Develop Next Generation of Iranian Airports  

China and Russia intend to jointly redevelop Iranian national transport and connectivity infrastructure.

Chinese Companies to Invest in Turkmenistan’s Growth Development Transit Cargo Industry

Turkmenistan is opening trade along the BRI and is an important East-West transit route. China sees the operational cash-flow opportunities.   

European Union – Kazakhstan 2021 Trade Up 25.6% 

More East-West trade via Central Asia as supply chains re-emerge

Russia, Uzbekistan Increasing Bilateral Trade Ties as Precursor to an EAEU Free Trade Agreement 

Russia’s Central Asian trade is also on the rebound.

Russian E-Commerce Online Sales Up 40%

Russia is the world’s ninth largest ecommerce market with plenty of room for growth.

The Russian Ruble is Again the World’s Most Under-Valued Currency

The Economists Big Mac Index shows the ruble is undervalued by over 70%. Good news for investors.

Russian Nationals Now Eligible to Claim One Free Arctic Hectare of Land – The European Russia Opportunities

Get your free land on Russia’s borders with Europe here.

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