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    SL Magazine hits national UK newsstands

    The upsurge in investment and interest in China from the UK has reached new heights with the launch of SL Magazine (Shanghai-London) which is being distributed across the UK via major chains such as Tesco’s, WH Smith and Borders. Naturally, given the wealth of material we have in our archives, Dezan Shira & Associates provides[…..]

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    The regrettable rise of the ill-informed China journalists

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis The arrival of blogs, and commentators on China recently has created a weird world of chatter, gossip and innuendo over the past two years. While mainly to the good, however there are increasing numbers of commentators who are getting into trouble, or posting material that frankly makes me cringe. Masquerading as genuine[…..]

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    Venice, the Venetian Macao and the Venetian, Las Vegas

    Macau takes its place in the international gaming big leagues  What’s in a Renaissance-era derived international brand name? By Chris Devonshire-Ellis So what of Chinese gambling, real and fake Italian Renaissance art, and its impact on the big league stakes of gaming? Purely by chance, the happy co-incidence of international conference attendance and one Grand[…..]

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    It was 30 years ago today…

    Beijing opened its subway system to civilians thirty years ago today. Originally for military use, the system was later expanded for civilian transportation and now boasts five lines; the newest opening earlier this year. Back in 1977, China was very different, as this photo of the contractors on the system shows. The Cultural Revolution was[…..]

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    Pre-Olympics Beijing living for the locals

      Our China culture website, China Expat which has a great daily blog in its own right and also a monthly magazine, featured a photo essay on life in Beijing today, just a few months away from the Olympics. The site handles business culture and travel in China and is a major website in its[…..]

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    Major new developments in cross-border trade routes between China and India

      Southeast Asia to be transformed by new road, rail and air routes  Our sister blog,, which deals with matters of China – India bilateral trade, has a great piece up at the moment which identifies the developing new trade routes between the two countries. Taken from a well received presentation given by Chris Devonshire-Ellis[…..]

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    English translation of FDI catalogue now available

    The Ministry of Commerce has just released their English translation of the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Enterprises, which came into effect on December 1, 2007. Please note that this is the complete translation, including the entire encouraged category as well the restricted and prohibited categories. As with all legal documents in China,[…..]

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    Chinese lions run rampant in firm’s offices

    International guests entertained at Dezan Shira Beijing’s 15th anniversary reception L-r: Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Sabrina Zhang and Alberto Vettoretti with the Lions Beijing, November 30 – Guests from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, as well as Embassy officials from the United States, India, Canada, Germany, Austria and New Zealand, and several prominent banks and clients in[…..]

Showing 8 of 3301 articles