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    China Embraces a Changed Africa

    By Andy Scott Part Three: Requiem for a New Africa War, poverty, corruption, the drumbeat continues to beat throughout all of Africa. Just a few years ago it all seemed so full of hope, South Africa was emerging from the shadow of apartheid, nations throughout the continent were throwing of the colonial yoke of their[…..]

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    Hainan Airlines to launch non-stop Beijing-Seattle route

    SHANGHAI, Aug. 13 – Hainan Airlines has applied to operate non-stop flights between Beijing and Seattle starting next June authorities at the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced. Hainan Airlines will become the fourth carrier to operate flights between the mainland and the United States, joining Air China, China Eastern, and China Southern. The proposed Beijing-Seattle route would[…..]

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    Macau’s development outshines that of Beijing’s Olympics

    The tiny ex-Portuguese colony of Macau, just tacked onto South China and a 40 minute jet foil ride away from Hong Kong, is undergoing some serious investment and opportunities abound for the international hospitality and services industry. Now is the time, when all the hype is on Beijing, to take a look at what is[…..]

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    U.N. report says patent filings on the rise in Asia

    China and its fast-growing Asian neighbors lead to a 4.7 percent rise in worldwide patent filings in 2005, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said today. The U.N. agency reported that 600,000 patents were granted in 2005, the last period for which complete figures were available. The vast majority went to Japan, the United States, China,[…..]

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    IOC president warns Beijing Olympic events could be postponed

    Air pollution in Beijing could cause some Olympic events to be postponed if the matter is not resolved in a year’s time warned Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee. Speaking yesterday at events marking the one year countdown till the Beijing Games kick off, Rogge specifically warned that high endurance events such as marathons and[…..]

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    Chinese river dolphin first mammal to become extinct in 50 years

    China’s white river dolphin, known as the baiji (Lipotes vexillifer) appears to now be extinct, according to a team of biologists that spent six weeks searching for it in its usual habitat of the Yangtze River. This makes it the first mammal globally to become extinct in the past 50 years, despite private attempts to preserve[…..]

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    China’s insurance watchdog issues draft ruling on FDI in sector

    China issued a draft ruling yesterday, clarifying the criteria for foreign investors seeking to buy stakes under 25 percent in domestic insurance companies. According to an announcement on the China Insurance Regulatory Commission’s website, overseas investors in Chinese insurance companies must have more than US$2 billion in assets and have made profits for three consecutive years.[…..]

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    Common staffing mistakes in China, and how to avoid them

    It’s a slow news day – besides that whole one-year-to-go thing – and while we were tempted to run with this story from the Shanghai Daily, the better angels of our nature prevailed and instead, we decided to republish an excerpt from our popular “Common mistakes and misperceptions when investing in China – and how[…..]

Showing 8 of 3368 articles