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    China, the Olympics, and what it all means

    Commentary: Andy Scott Tomorrow will mark one year until the Beijing Olympics. The games, which have been called everything from China’s great coming-out party to the genocide Olympics, will undoubtedly put the country under a media spotlight the likes of which most people living here have never seen. Officials have been scrambling to make sure[…..]

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    Express air service between Beijing and Shanghai launched

    Flights between Shanghai and Beijing just got faster and more reliable, at least that’s the word from five Chinese airline companies who launched an express air service between the two cities yesterday. Operated by Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, a total of 36 express flights taking off almost every[…..]

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    Does responsibility for defective Chinese goods, growing trade imbalance lie with America?

    A good engineering friend of China Briefing, Nick Polimeni, has been talking with us recently about the so-called glass ceiling in China concerning manufacturing, and where the real issues over the Sino-U.S. trade imbalance are. He made some interesting comments to us this morning: “I suspected, as you do, that the mark up rate for goods imported[…..]

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    Have U.S. – EU quality standards been used as a form of protectionism against China?

    Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis The news last week that Mattel have recalled one million car toys due to lead paint concerns – apparently the 17th major recall in the past 20 years from China for manufactured toys – has raised of course yet more concerns about the safety of China made product. Now, while for sure[…..]

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    China Briefing Blog wins silver in Chinalyst 2007 Blog Awards

    The Chinalyst 2007 blog awards have completed voting, with the China Briefing Blog finishing a strong second in the highly popular and well contested “Best Business Law Blog” category. Warm congratulations are in order to the triumphant ChinaLawBlog, who energed worthy winners after quite a battle for votes over the past month. The top three[…..]

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    China and Africa: Aid, Trade and Guns

    By Andy Scott Part Two: Aid and Trade The train station in Mbeya, Tanzania stands out among the other buildings in the city. It is the nicest structure in the city, and it, along with the railway that runs through it, was completely financed and built by the People’s Republic of China. Built between 1970[…..]

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    U.S. Senate panel approves forex bill aimed at China

    U.S. Senate Banking Committee approved legislation on Wednesday giving the Treasury Department new tools to pressure China to revalue its currency, despite the Bush administration’s warning the bills could trigger a wave of protectionism around the world according to Reuters. The bill tightens the definition of currency manipulation and would require the Treasury to label any country[…..]

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    Sarbanes-Oxley: Five years on

    By Andy Scott Aug. 2 – Monday was the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, a law that has had a huge impact on business and accounting practices both in the United States, and overseas. One will remember that as a result of the financial scandals in the United States like[…..]

Showing 8 of 3367 articles