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    Macau to host mega trade show

    Macau is taking yet another page from Las Vegas and turning to the lucrative trade show circuit as yet another way of boosting profits in this money-driven metropolis. Having surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenue last year, Macau is looking to broaden its economic base by keeping tourists in the city for longer periods of[…..]

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    China to open fourth bonded port in Hainan

    Oct. 12 – The State Council moved ahead with plans for the country’s fourth bonded port in Hainan province Xinhua reported yesterday, yet another of the steps China is taking towards establishing a free trade zone with the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). The Yangpu Bonded Harbor Area in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone,[…..]

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    High-speed Shanghai-Beijing train gets green light

    SHANGHAI, Oct. 10 – The central government has given the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway the green light according to a notice posted on the National Development and Reform Commission’s website Tuesday. With a speed of up to 350 kilometers per hour, the high-speed train would shorten rail travel times between Beijing and Shanghai from the current[…..]

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    Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone shifts into high gear

    By Adam Livermore  DALIAN, Oct. 8 – Standing on a windswept hill overlooking the coastline of southern Dalian and looking towards the distant port town of Lushun, it is hard to visualize how the rolling rural landscape will look after it is swamped by the planned “silicon peninsula,” at least until you turn around and[…..]

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    Should manufacturers move inland to avoid processing trade restrictions?

    By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Sept. 11 – China’s new policy restricting processing trade, which took effect nationwide August 23, will most heavily impact Guangdong province. The booming Chinese economy, which has grown at over 10 percent for the last 15 years, has been largely driven by processing trade factories located in South China and the[…..]

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    Manufacturers moving inland from Hangzhou as central province VAT reform kicks in

    Textile manufacturers in and around Hangzhou, long one of the region’s pillar industries, are beginning to move their operations inland as China reduces the VAT burden in the central provinces. Beginning July 1, 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation reduced the VAT burden in eight sectors within 26 specified industrial[…..]

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    Yingkou port set to play larger role in Northeast China’s development

    Sept. 1 – Yingkou is a third-tier Chinese city located on the northeastern edge of the Bohai gulf, just a few hours drive from the regional powerhouses of Shenyang and Dalian. An otherwise fairly ordinary provincial Chinese city, Yingkou is set to capitalize on the increasing exporting power wielded by enterprises in Liaoning, Jilin and[…..]

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    Why are foreign analysts considering China plays as internationally relevant?

    The tempestuous dragon and global stock markets By Jon Byrne and Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Aug. 23 – The China stock market continues to sizzle; and with fears that a bubble is developing it is only natural to ask “should investors outside of China worry about a correction or collapse in China’s stock market impacting global[…..]

Showing 8 of 880 articles