Developing the Yangtze River


The second tier cities that line the Yangtze River are seeing increased foreign investment as international companies look to move out of the Yangtze River Delta with its high rent and labor costs. As China Briefing pointed out in our November 2006 issue, for export-based businesses in central China, the burden of increased transportation costs […]

Made in China


The eminently readable James Fallows has an excellent piece on manufacturing in China in the upcoming issue of The Atlantic. When not judging beer in Shanghai, Fallows apparently spends a lot of time eating breakfast at the Four Points hotel in Shenzhen. In The Atlantic July/August cover story, he takes a look inside China’s manufacturing world and comes out […]

Islamic finance and China


China has become the world’s fastest growing energy consumer in the world. As the country develops, and the need for energy – specifically oil – grows, China wiill look to deepen strategic relationships with oil rich Gulf states. A result of that will be the opening of China’s banking sector to Middle East investors who follow Islamic […]

Shanghai rental rates for expats ranked 8th in world, Beijing 11th


The average rental rate for a three-bedroom in an expatriate community in Shanghai is US$4,000 per month according to a recent survey by ECA International. Shanghai rental rents rose five percent from the previous year, while the rental rate for a similar apartment in Beijing dropped six percent from 2005 to an average price of US$3,840, for […]

Shanghai – Hangzhou maglev train shelved


Didn’t we just talk about pork? The maglev train that was to connect Shanghai and Hangzhou appears headed to the dustbin of history. The project has been officially put on hold due to radiation concerns according to Xinhua. “The project has been suspended in line with the arrangements of the municipal government,” said a spokesman with […]

Throughput capacity of Chinese ports to hit 8 billion tons by 2010


The handling capacity of China’s ports is expected to hit 8 billion tons and 170 million TEUs in 2010, according to information from the on-going China Ports and Terminals Summit held in north China’s Tianjin Municipality. China’s ports cargo handling capacity totaled 5.6 billion tons and 93 million TEUs in 2006, both the biggest in the world for […]

Luxury brands target China’s second tier cities for expansion


We’ve been looking at movement into second tier cities recently and China Daily today ran an article on just that.  The piece by Jiang Jingjing looks at the movement of top luxury brands into these emerging markets.  The rapidly growing purchasing power and appetite for high-end products in small cities have drawn the attention of top […]

FDI in second tier cities: investors flock to Chongqing


Several international companies have recently set up shop in Chongqing as more and more foreign investors look to China’s western second tier cities. With the rising costs of land, labor, energy and other inputs to manufacturing making the coastal regions less attractive to companies looking for places to park their factories, the inland second and third […]

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