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    Canton Fair revises registration regulations for foreigners

    GUANGZHOU, April 14 – According to the China Import and Export website, registration regulations for foreigners to attend the 103rd session of the annual Canton Fair have been revised. In order for foreigners to register, a new five step process has been implemented in the attempt to make the Canton Fair a safe trading environment[…..]

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    Multiple-entry visas for China suspended in Hong Kong

    HONG KONG, April 8 – China has stopped issuing multiple-entry visas and slowed the processing time for single- and double-entry visas for foreigners in Hong Kong. Amid growing instability in Tibet and with the Olympics right around the corner, the Chinese government appears to be stepping up restrictions on foreigners entering China from Hong Kong,[…..]

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    The JV vs. WFOE debate – Choosing between the options

    Regulatory environment and existing partner infrastructure key decision drivers By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 18 – Recent comments on our and various other sites recently have sparked debate about the suitability of Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) as investment vehicles for foreign investors in China. While such debate has ranged from the somewhat[…..]

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    NPC: Official – China labor law criticism unfounded

    Law there to protect workers from abuse, should not be seen as attempt to burden foreign investors with additional liabilities BEIJING, Mar. 11 – The Chinese Vice-Minister of Labor, Sun Baoshu stated yesterday that manufacturers were wrong to blame the new Labor Contract Law for the rising cost of production in China, and that certain[…..]

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    China joint ventures offer easier access to China markets

    JVs seen as China development refinancing and cost effective investment vehicles by many multinational investors By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 10 – JVs are still a primary choice for foreign investors wishing to manufacture and sell onto the Chinese market. While recently, foreign legal media has appeared to dismiss China JVs as potential for problems and[…..]

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    Hong Kong ’08 budget proposes HK$75 billion in relief measures

    HONG KONG, Feb. 27 – In his annual budget speech, Financial Secretary John Tsang announced a host of changes amounting to HK$75 billion tax reductions. While legislative amendments are required for implementing each of the relief measures proposed in the budget, the changes should provide a boost to the territory’s economy. Here’s a look at[…..]

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    China Briefing’s new technical guide to China M&As published

    Definitive handbook to China M&A law and transaction processes BEIJING, Feb. 27 – China Briefing has just published the new 106 page China M&A guide, covering the full mergers and acquisition process in twelve chapters. Authored by seven staff of the legal and audit teams at Dezan Shira & Associates, the book was jointly written[…..]

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    Will the Anti-monopoly Law assist central regional development?

    Additional M&A activity anticipated if China can banish SOE cartels By Chris Devonshire-Ellis SINGAPORE, Feb. 26 – Could China’s new anti-monopoly law, promulgated last August and coming into effect August, assist with paving the way for a resurgence of investment into China’s central and western regions? The new law also includes provisions for anti-monopoly policing,[…..]

Showing 8 of 1524 articles