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    U.S. Banks Finding Closed Doors as China Opens to Europe

    June 27 – China is opening the door to European banks faster than U.S. ones according to a Financial Times article published today. The article, by Sundeep Tucker, asserts that European investment banks have established momentum over their U.S. rivals in the race to develop Chinese securities joint ventures, as it appears Beijing is delaying[…..]

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    China’s New Tax Incentives

    By Dezan Shira & Associates June 18 – With the unification of China’s tax base at the beginning of 2008 to 25 percent (as predicted by China Briefing in April 2006, see page ten of the issue) much of China’s previous tax incentives for attracting foreign investment into the country dried up. Gone were the[…..]

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    Conducting Cost of China Business Assessments

    By Dezan Shira & Associates June 17 – With the adjustment of China’s corporate tax base six months ago to a universal rate of 25 percent for all businesses, barring a few exceptions for encouraged industries, and the abolition of the profits tax breaks of manufacturing industries, many now mourn the passing of the “good[…..]

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    New Recognition Procedures for High-tech Enterprises

    By Ronin Lin June 11 – On April 14, 2008, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance together with the State Administration of Taxation promulgated the Administrative Measures for Recognition of High – New Technology Enterprises (Circular 172) governing the recognition of high-tech companies. Article 4 of the circular states that recognized[…..]

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    Salary Structuring and Payment of Employees in China

    By Adam Livermore June 9 – Foreign investors in China have become more ambitious over the years in terms of the kind of projects they are carrying out. We are seeing a gradual shift from low-value added manufacturing enterprises to high-value technology and service operations. One of the main challenges investors have to adapt to[…..]

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    Tips on Avoiding Common Representative Office Problems in China

    June 5 – The first thing to learn about doing business in China is – be prepared for all the paperwork. Bureaucracy is an art form that China relishes, so foreign investors should do their research and ask credible sources for advice on business policies. We will outline some of the common mistakes that representative[…..]

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    Bank of East Asia Launches RMB Debit Card

    BEIJING, May 28 – The Bank of East Asia became the first international lender to issue RMB debit cards in Mainland China after signing an agreement with China UnionPay in Beijing yesterday. The bank also plans to issue RMB credit cards by the end of the year once it has been approved by Chinese regulators.[…..]

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    New Tax Incentives Announced for Charitable Donations in China

    Income tax may be offset from personal and corporate donations May 19 – As Dezan Shira & Associates advised last week, the Beijing tax bureau has issued today new guidelines for the treatment of tax on charitable donations. Personal donations For employees in China wishing to make personal donations, the donated amount will be exempt[…..]

Showing 8 of 1154 articles