Dezan Shira Hosts Russian Exporters and Investors in Guangzhou

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Dezan Shira & Associates are continuing their policy of assisting Russian businesses to export to and invest in Asia by hosting a delegation of companies from the export support agency of Volgogradskya oblast. The region is in southern Russia.

The two main rivers in European Russia, the Don and the Volga, run through the oblast and are connected by the Volga-Don Canal. Volgograd oblast’s strategic waterways have made it a popular route for shipping and for the generation of hydroelectricity. Primary industries are agriculture, food production, heavy industry, gas and petroleum refining.

The Russian organization Svoiludivkitae has lent considerable support to arranging the trip from the Russian side.

Dezan Shira & Associates have been active in the Russian market for several years now and have representation in Moscow, St,Petersburg, and Irkutsk, while maintaining a Russia desk headed up by Maria Kotova. The firm also produces Russia Briefing.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the firm’s Founding Partner has also been spending a considerable amount of time in Russia building up the firm’s presence. He comments: “The impact of Western sanctions on Russia has been met with a re-balancing of the Russian economy towards Asia and especially China. Bilateral trade between the two countries is expected to reach US$200 billion in the next four years, a growth rate of 20 percent per annum. We intend to be part of that dynamic and to be a player within the Russia-China trade corridor and beyond into Asia.”


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