Investment Spotlight: Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Aug. 27 – Since May 1993, the state-level Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone (XETDZ), has covered an area of 133 square kilometers divided into three industrial parks: Shibei, Qiaonan and Jiangdong.

The zone is located alongside the Qiantang river within the Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou. In conjunction with the XETDZ, an ongoing construction of the Qianjiang Century CBD, hopes to become the center of Hangzhou’s economy and will host finance, trading, consulting and logistics activities along with IT services companies, administrative organizations, hotels, residential areas and entertainments facilities.

The Qianjiang Century CBD will enhance the connection and urban development of Xiaoshan district and downtown.The Shibei Industrial Park is exclusive to the service industry while the Qiaonan Industrial Park is the typical base for foreign investments for industrial activities in the XETDZ because of its connection with the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and the proximity to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport located 5 kilometers away.

This park will benefit from its proximity with the Qianjiang Century CBD by making 2.3 square kilometers dedicated to the service industry available.

There is also the Jiangdong Industrial Area with its 105 square kilometers of planning area that had been created not only to develop a new industrial city and manufacturing center but also to answer the problem of land availability.

After 15 years, the XETDZ is has built itself into a strong export-oriented model based on the machinery, textile and garment industries. Specialized structures like the women’s garment industrial park and the CNC equipment manufacturing center have been set-up in the Qiaonan and Jiangdong Industrial Parks.

The XETDZ is also willing to play on its advantage in high technology industries such as electronics, IT, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals. The auto-parts industry is developed with an established automobile industry park. According to the development plan, while manufacturing facilities are mainly directed to the Jiangdong area, research centers will be concentrated in the two other locations.

One will be in the Shibei Industrial Park found in the Xiaoshan International Incubator Center, a software base and project of a comprehensive city development center that will serve as regional and R&D headquarters for companies. As for the Qiaonan Industrial Park, it will serve as the base of a provincial level hi-tech park.

Last year, some 800 companies from 30 countries and regions have settled in the XETDZ namely; GE, Ericsson, Fiat, Yamaha, ZF, Albany, Fair Friend, Sinotruk, Wahaha, and Hempei. In addition, the Shizuoka Industrial Base and Taiwan Industrial Park of Machinery have also been established in the zone.

Although the XETDZ faces competition from other zones in its area that focus on the same industries; the Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone (HHTZ), and the Hangzhou Technological Development Zone (HEDA), it has been posting robust growth in the past years.

The XETDZ has the advantage of being near the shipping infrastructure in the city. It is in the proximity of the Xiaoshan International Airport. There is also a railway that runs through the zone while the Qiantang river which offers access to harbours along the coast. The XETDZ is equipped with an inland port and a customs office.

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