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Updates to China’s Social Credit System: Violations and Restoring Bad Credit


The government released new documents on China’s social credit system for companies, clarifying types of violations and ways to restore bad social credit.

China’s Position on Global Digital Governance


In its “Positions” on global digital governance, China reaffirms its stand on sovereignty and responsible technology practices.

The Evolving Face Of Foreign Investment In Beijing


Employment and Business Opportunities Await New And Returning Expats & Foreign Investors By Chris Devonshire-Ellis As China begins to open up and welcome foreigners back to the country, it is noticeable upon return that things have changed since that final, pre-Covid year of 2019. Not only, and understandably given the pandemic, did 95% of all […]

China and Philippines to Implement RCEP Tariffs, Bolstering Trade Relations


The Philippines has ratified the RCEP agreement, opening up new opportunities for China-based businesses.

China Economic Roundup: April 2023


As China continues its economic recovery, key indicators remain sluggish due to global uncertainties. Policymakers will likely be targeting these to boost market confidence in coming months.

China’s New Draft VAT Law – How is it Different from Previous Tax Regulations?


The new draft version of the China VAT law makes some major changes to existing tax regulation. Here’s how it could impact businesses.

China’s Middle Class – Growth, Policy, and Consumption


China’s middle class is the largest in the world and represents a key driver to the country’s development and socio-economic dynamics.

Understanding China’s New Regulations on Generative AI


China is seeking to regulate generative AI alongside substantial policy support to foster an enabling environment for AI sector innovation.

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