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China Releases Data Security Law: Some Expert Observations and Comments


We discuss key points of China’s Data Security Law, which will come in effect September 1, 2021, and corporate strategies to ensure compliance.

Personal Data Regulation in China: Personal Information Protection Law, Other Rules Amended


Internet businesses and companies processing personal data in China are advised to track latest regulatory developments supporting data security to remain compliant.

Disparities in China’s Regional Growth: A Look at H1 2019 GDP Data


China’s economy is experiencing a slowdown after years of rapid growth, but some provinces continue to outperform others. We discuss the factors behind the increase in regional disparities.

How to Transfer a Work Permit to a New Employer in China


Chinese work permits are tied to the employer, which means that when changing jobs, the work permit must also be transferred to the new employer. Here, we look at how to transfer work permits between employers.

The Companies Act in India, Customs Procedures in Russia, and Transfer Pricing in Vietnam – Asia Investment Brief


In this week’s Asia Investment Brief, we look at IP protection in Singapore’s healthcare sector, the Companies Act (Amendment) 2017 in India, customs procedures in Russia, the first Belt and Road bond, and transfer pricing in Vietnam.

EU Data Processing Law May Affect Hong Kong from May 2018: Are You Ready?


The EU has enacted two key regulations relating to data processing. When they come into full force, any company based in Hong Kong, or anywhere else for that matter, will need to have governance policies in place if they solicit or target, collect, store or process any data on a citizen of the EU.

New Data Localization Rule in China’s Cybersecurity Law to Impact HR


China’s new Cybersecurity Law, which will come into effect June 1, 2017, will affect how personal information, including HR data, is stored by foreign companies. In this article, we explore who is affected by the law, and look at data localization obligations and other impacts for foreign companies.

Transfer Pricing Investigation in China: Understanding the Latest Adjustments


China’s State Administration of Tax has issued new regulation for transfer pricing and special tax investigation adjustment, which came into effect on May 1, 2017. In this article, we look at the change in scope of the regulation, and its impact on foreign enterprises.

Showing 8 of 291 articles
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