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China Regulatory Brief: Tax Benefits for Advanced Technology Service Enterprises, and New Foreign Investment Catalogue


In this week’s China Regulatory Brief, we look at new preferential tax policies for advanced technology service enterprises, the draft of the updated Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment, trial procedures for stamp tax administration, and development measures for Central China’s economy.

China’s New Related Party Transaction Reporting Regulation: Implications for Annual Audit in China


As the end of the financial year looms, multinational entities operating in China should be aware of the new law regarding related party transaction filing. Here we detail the new regulation and the potential risks it carries for companies conducting annual audit.

Case Study: Capital Gain Tax Treatment- Part 1: Taxation Under the China-Hong Kong Double Tax Agreement


In an effort to avoid double taxation and clamp down on tax evasion, Hong Kong entered into a Double Taxation Arrangement with China in 2006. In this case study, we focus on how foreign companies can qualify for tax exemption on capital gains under the agreement.

Inflicting Loss on Investors through Cooked Books: Assessing Accounting Fraud in China


Although accounting fraud is a global issue, China’s investment climate presents higher risk. In this article, we look at accounting misconduct in China and the recent amendments made by the IASB to help investors better understand an entity’s business state.

Weathering China’s Cloud Computing Regulations


Despite the positive industry outlook for cloud computing, China’s complex and restrictive regulations governing data and internet services make entering the rapidly expanding market a complicated process. In this article, we outline the laws and regulations surrounding cloud computing in China.

Common Internet Challenges in China: An Overview


Foreign companies operating in China will inevitably face challenges with internet connectivity. The impact that this has on foreign firms should not be underestimated. Here, we discuss some of the key challenges that foreign companies face.

China Regulatory Brief: Two-child Policy and China Advance Pricing Arrangement Annual Report


In this week’s China Regulatory Brief, we discuss the country’s two-child policy and local rules in Guangdong province, China Advance Pricing Arrangement Annual Report (2014), and the new online payment regulations in China.

China’s Annual Audit and Compliance Requirements


According to PRC Company Law, all Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) in China, including Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises, Joint Ventures and Representative Offices (ROs), are required to comply with the statutory annual audit and other compliance processes.

Showing 8 of 309 articles
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