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Political Influence in China’s Biggest Companies Almost 100%


NPC members wealthier than U.S. Congress counterparts Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Apr. 25 – The trend of the Chinese government to be involved in the nation’s primary businesses can be illustrated in a number of items recently highlighted in data released by the British Foreign Office (BFO). In a presentation made recently to the European […]

China Industry Report: Apr. 11


Apr. 11 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China. Marine transport and shipbuilding •South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries said on April 4 it has opened an R&D center in Shanghai to enhance its position in the Chinese market. The site will focus on construction equipment, electro-electric systems and […]

Analyzing Chinese Financial Reporting


Part Three in a four part series Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis and Sabrina Zhang Feb. 7 – In this article, we will focus on understanding and analyzing the typical accounts of Chinese financial statements, including the balance sheet and income statement. In our firm’s 19 years of experience in China, when called upon to examine […]

China Expatriate Annual Income Tax Reporting for 2010 Tax Year


Update (January 15, 2013): For information regarding expatriate income tax filing for the 2012 tax year, please click here. By Dezan Shira & Associates Jan. 18 – Individuals residing in China are subject to individual income tax (IIT). Expatriates who are employed in China are liable for IIT from either the first day they arrive […]

China Industry: January 17


Jan. 17 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China. Air transport Shandong Airlines and U.S. aircraft-maker Boeing struck an agreement last Monday for 15 737-800 passenger planes, Xinhua News Agency reported. The list price of the aircraft is approximately US$1.35 billion.

RBS Issues Warning that China Credit is About to Burst


Dec. 7 – Dire warnings about the true extent of China’s credit bubble are now materializing in mechanisms designed to protect against a sovereign debt default, as the Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to take out protection against the risk of a sovereign default by China as one of its top trading tips […]

Dezan Shira & Associates AGM Reveals Shift in China Policy


Dec. 4 – The foreign direct investment practice Dezan Shira & Associates have just concluded their four-day-long Annual General Meeting with members of the firm flying into Beijing from each of the firm’s 10 China offices, plus country managers from India and Vietnam. Commenting on the practice development, Alberto Vettoretti, managing partner for China, observed […]

The RMB Position and the Mysteries of the China Unemployment Fund


Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Nov. 12 – Several claims have been made by China recently over the need for it to maintain the RMB position, and that any large correction of its position against the U.S. dollar would have serious impacts on rising unemployment, factory closures, and in the word’s of Li Ruguo, the chairman […]

Showing 8 of 291 articles
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