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China Deepens Paperless Customs Clearance Pilot Reform


China released the “Announcement on Deepening Customs Paperless Clearance Pilot Reform” on April 10, which expands the pilot scope and regulates the application procedure for the reform. Detailed information can be found here.

China’s First National Standard on Personal Information Protection to Take Effect


China’s first national standard on personal information protection, namely the “Guideline on Information Security Technologies for the Protection of Personal Information in Public and Commercial Service Information Systems,” came into effect on February 1, 2013.

China Releases Annual Report on Advance Pricing Arrangements


China released the “China Advance Pricing Arrangement Annual Report (2011)” in both Chinese and English on December 26. The report briefs China’s APA system, implementation procedures, and practice development, as well as covers the statistical data and analysis of APAs negotiated or concluded during 2005 to 2011.

Letters from America: Chinese Investment in the U.S. – Strategy is Key


The pros and cons of looking for Chinese investment This is Part XI of our ongoing Letters from America to Asia Series, featuring opinions and observations on America’s trade relations with China and emerging Asia from Chris Devonshire-Ellis. Dec. 10 – Now that the dust has settled following leadership issues in both the United States […]

The China Alternative – Malaysia


The China Alternative is our series on other foreign investment destinations in emerging Asia that may soon be competing with China in terms of labor costs, infrastructure and operational capacity. In this issue we look at Malaysia.

Running Background Checks On Chinese Companies


Aug. 19 – Our affiliated consulting practice, Dezan Shira & Associates is regularly asked to provide basic information on businesses in China, often just to establish that the pertinent company exists and is a genuine business. Unfortunately, over the years many scams have occurred where Chinese companies have obtained goods from businesses overseas and not […]

China Renewable Energy Industry Report: Jun. 13


Jun. 13 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China. China to drop domestic content subsidies for wind power sector After a complaint filed by the U.S. with the World Trade Organization (WTO), China agreed to give up a subsidy scheme for wind power manufacturers using made-in-China parts. In December […]

China Renewable Energy Industry Report: Jun. 7


Jun. 7 – This is a regular series of relevant industry news from around China. •Hong Kong-based Renewable Energy Asia Group Ltd, or REA, has established a wholly owned unit in China to develop and run wind power systems, provide repair and testing services to the sector and distribute electric power related materials. Renewable Energy […]

Showing 8 of 309 articles
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