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China Amends Civil Procedure Law: Impact on Foreign Companies


A new amendment to China’s Civil Procedure Law expands the jurisdiction of Chinese courts, making it easier for foreign-related cases to be heard in China. Foreign firms and new China-bound investors are advised to familiarize themselves with the fine print of the law.

Entering China’s Infant Formula Market: Regulations, Opportunities, and Challenges


China’s infant formula market is expanding thanks to a growing middle class, declining breastfeeding rates, and evolving policies. In this article, we explore strategies for foreign companies to enter and thrive in this market.

China’s Proposed Measures to Ease Cross-Border Data Management for MNCs


We provide an overview of the current cross-border data transfer requirements and China’s initiatives to facilitate cross-border data management for multinational corporations (MNCs).

China Announces New Additional VAT Deduction for Advanced Manufacturing Companies 


China’s tax authorities have announced a new additional 5% VAT deduction for companies in the advanced manufacturing sector.

China’s New Draft VAT Law – How is it Different from Previous Tax Regulations?


The new draft version of the China VAT law makes some major changes to existing tax regulation. Here’s how it could impact businesses.

China Monthly Tax Brief: August 2023


In August 2023, over 30 tax policies and guidelines were released by China’s Ministry of Finance (MOF), State Taxation Administration (STA), and other departments.

China-Australia Relations: Opportunities, Challenges, and Latest Updates


We discuss the China-Australia bilateral relationship and future possibilities and challenges facing trade and investments between the two markets.

Hong Kong’s Data Center Sector: Industry and Regulatory Landscape


Hong Kong’s thriving data center market offers myriad opportunities for investors looking to tap into the rising demand.

Showing 8 of 6068 articles
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