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    China’s troubled skies

      China’s airlines are losing their place in the global competition for air travel. While air traffic in China rose 15 percent last year due largely to the rising affordability of air travel and an increasingly wealthy population, China’s top three airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, have seen a combined[…..]

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    Foreign-funded food enterprises in China to see more oversight

    China’s foreign-funded food enterprises and branch offices – 25,570 according to the latest government figures – can expect increased oversight as Beijing moves to clean up its food safety record. China’s food safety has been the focus of intense international media attention following several cases of tainted exports earlier this year including toothpaste, dog food and[…..]

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    China’s WTO commitments: Compliance with Chinese characteristics

    By Andy Scott In 2001 China joined the WTO, and since then, we haven’t stopped hearing about how hard the country is working to adhere to its market reform commitments. Now that China has reached the end of the WTO-scheduled opening up, the Ministry of Commerce states that China is in full compliance with all[…..]

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    China’s anti-monopoly law

    By Stefanie Knirsh/Dezan Shira & Associates BEIJING, Oct. 23 – Set to take effect August 1, 2008, China’s new anti-monopoly law aims to protect market competition by regulating price-fixing and other forms of collusion, and providing for investigation and prosecution of such practices. The new law, passed on August 30, 2007 by the National People’s[…..]

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    Hainan Airlines taking off to the future

      It’s always a pleasure to fly with Hainan Airlines, as I just did last week from Shanghai to Beijing – a clean cabin, an on time departure when other airlines were having delays, and entertainment on board from lottery games, to acceptable food, and a good drinks trolley. But Hainan Airlines has always been[…..]

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    How much IPR can you rip off before you are branded a criminal?

    China IPR issues unresolvable until valuations of pirated goods are agreed, while attempts to brand as “criminal” lower levels of infringement are being offset by the higher value of the pirated goods By Chris Devonshire-Ellis I’ve seen a lot of comment recently on the perennial issue of China IPR; however one detail seems to have[…..]

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    72 year old Buddhist monk upsets Beijing…Nothing actually changes

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis The headline of which, when presented in such a manner, betrays some of the absurdity of commentary concerning Tibet. So, we all know the Dalai Lama received a Congressional Gold Medal yesterday – even while, late at night, CNN broadcast footage of the ceremony – and much to my amazement it wasn’t[…..]

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    House of cards: the Beijing property market

    By Andy Scott Just how sustainable is the property market in Beijing? Rental and sales rates have gone through the roof in the past two years and only look to go higher as the Olympics nears. Land owners have already pushed the average rental rates 10 times more than normal. Don’t expect it to last.[…..]

Showing 8 of 4915 articles