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    The JV vs. WFOE debate – Choosing between the options

    Regulatory environment and existing partner infrastructure key decision drivers By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 18 – Recent comments on our and various other sites recently have sparked debate about the suitability of Joint Ventures and Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) as investment vehicles for foreign investors in China. While such debate has ranged from the somewhat[…..]

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    Shanghai port trade up 20 percent

      SHANGHAI, Mar. 17 – Foreign trade in East China’s Shanghai port rose 20.3 percent year-on-year to US$91.06 billion in the first two months of 2008, according to Customs statistics. The figure accounted for 24.9 percent of the country’s total trade value of US$365.93 billion from January to February. Exports climbed 17.2 percent, 20.7 percentage[…..]

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    China’s corporate income tax implementation further clarified

    Mar. 14 – China’s Corporate Income Tax Law, effective from January 1, has been a work in progress for quite some time. As the tax law itself is more principle-based rather than rules-based, the government has relied on publishing various implementation rules and circulars to clarify how the law is to be implemented. Three important tax circulars[…..]

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    Improving China’s international PR still not on the agenda

    Concept of improved engagement with international media remains a long way off By Chris Devonshire-Ellis  Mar. 13 – One thing that has struck me about the recent National People’s Congress and recent events in China this past week is how little still the Chinese seem to value, or appreciate any need for an improvement in[…..]

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    Can your expatriate China manager manage?

    Many expatriate managers alienate their staff resulting in poor motivation By Chris Devonshire-Ellis  Mar. 13 – Following on from our previous article on this subject concerning cultural differences Chinese staff face in foreign invested organizations, we concentrate on the expatriate manager in China and the issues they face. With over 1,700 multinationals as clients in[…..]

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    China retail sales jump 20 percent

    Mar. 13 – Domestic retail sales leaped 20.2 percent to US$245.5 billion in the first two months of 2008, boosted by Chinese New Years sales and rising food prices, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday. The figure was 5.5 percentage points higher than the same period last year. Food prices have risen steeply[…..]

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    Tax treaties may help reduce WHT burden under new CIT

    Mar. 12 – As stated in the implementation rules for the new corporate tax law released late last year, withholding tax on dividend payment to non-residents is 10 percent. Because dividends derived by foreign investors were exempt from taxes under the old tax regime, foreign investors have see their worldwide tax burden increase and their expected returns from investment[…..]

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    Beijing Review, China’s most prestigious business publication, turns 50

    The source to follow for the Chinese Communist Party’s thinking for the past 50 years BEIJING, Mar. 12 – It’s one of those rare occasions when we plug a separate magazine and website, however on this occasion it’s something special. The Beijing Review was first published in 1958 at the specific request of Chairman Mao[…..]

Showing 8 of 5067 articles