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    China’s last imperial coin 1911

    This is the last cast square hole coin issued by China and the last coin issued by an Imperial dynasty. Emperor Pu Yi, also known by his reign title Hsuan-T’ung, ascended to the Chinese throne in 1908, aged three. By this time however imperial rule was already collapsing due to repeated wars, foreign interference and[…..]

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    China publishes implementation rules for new corporate income tax

    By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Dec. 14 – China’s State Council approved the long-awaited implementation rules for the country’s new corporate income tax law on December 6. The Detailed Implementation Regulations, prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, contains eight chapters and 133 articles. Here we look at some of the[…..]

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    Chen Deming to be the new Minister of Commerce?

    In light of Bo Xilai’s move to Party Secretary of Chongqing, as predicted by us two months ago, the guessing game is on as to the identity of the new Minister of Commerce to replace Mr. Bo. Our money is on Chen Deming. Having, until very, recently been in an advisory role at the National[…..]

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    Financial credit and due diligence checks on individuals in China

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis We are often asked as a firm to establish the facts of an individual’s reputation in China, and whether they have any criminal record or have faced other legal issues while acting as company officials, directors or shareholders. Unlike much of the West, such information is not generally available on public record,[…..]

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    Chinese or Indian?

    Is this girl, dancing classical Indian last night at Beijing’s Capital Club, Chinese or Indian? To find out, and why she danced in front the ambassadors from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as well as the Chinese Ambassador to India and over 150 guests, visit our sister China-India bilateral site here.

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    Learning from Danone: The legal admin you really need to be conducting

    Checking that your China IP and property ownership is correctly in place By Chris Devonshire-Ellis The Danone vs. Wahaha case has drawn a lot of comment. One thing however, seems to stand out: the mess Danone have got themselves into is largely because of a failure in checking their legal administration history and ensuring all[…..]

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    China’s Consumer Price Index climbs to 11-year high

    Dec. 12 – Belt-tightening may now be in order as China’s Consumer Prices Index reached an 11-year high of 6.9 percent for the month compared to last year’s figures. The National Statistics Bureau’s chief economist, Yao Jingyuan, told Shanghai Daily that the consumer price increase by the year’s end could finish at 4.7 percent which[…..]

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    Shanghai’s Chongming Island likely site for new Disneyland

    SHANGHAI, Dec. 11 – Chongming Island, China’s third-largest island and designated for ecotourism development, looks likely to become the site of a new Disneyland after 2010. The island, situated north of Shanghai, will likely get a Disney theme park following the 2010 World Expo a government spokesman for the island said yesterday. “We have made[…..]

Showing 8 of 4983 articles