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    Beijing Review, China’s most prestigious business publication, turns 50

    The source to follow for the Chinese Communist Party’s thinking for the past 50 years BEIJING, Mar. 12 – It’s one of those rare occasions when we plug a separate magazine and website, however on this occasion it’s something special. The Beijing Review was first published in 1958 at the specific request of Chairman Mao[…..]

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    NPC: National Energy Commission formed as ministerial level regulatory body

    New ministry to absorb parts of 10 existing State-level agencies  BEIJING, Mar. 11 – The Chinese National People’s Congress announced the establishment of a full cabinet level regulatory body for energy, consolidating the fuel-related responsibilities of different existing ministerial and sub-ministerial bodies to oversee the nation’s energy sector today. The National Energy Commission covers agencies responsible[…..]

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    NPC: Official – China labor law criticism unfounded

    Law there to protect workers from abuse, should not be seen as attempt to burden foreign investors with additional liabilities BEIJING, Mar. 11 – The Chinese Vice-Minister of Labor, Sun Baoshu stated yesterday that manufacturers were wrong to blame the new Labor Contract Law for the rising cost of production in China, and that certain[…..]

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    China joint ventures offer easier access to China markets

    JVs seen as China development refinancing and cost effective investment vehicles by many multinational investors By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 10 – JVs are still a primary choice for foreign investors wishing to manufacture and sell onto the Chinese market. While recently, foreign legal media has appeared to dismiss China JVs as potential for problems and[…..]

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    NPC: Private investors encouraged to invest in China’s railways

      BEIJING, Mar. 10 – As we alluded to February 26, the Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun has encouraged overseas and domestic private investors to invest in China’s rail infrastructure as country steps up construction of its railway network. “We welcome overseas and domestic private investors to get part ownership of the railway lines, except[…..]

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    Individual income tax reports must be filed by the end of March

    Expatriates earning income in China must self report within the next two weeks  Mar. 8 – China’s new self reporting regulations dictate that expatriates working in China and earning salaries of over RMB120,000 annually must complete self reporting and complete their individual income tax returns by the end of this month. Late payment penalties of[…..]

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    China allows more foreign banks to incorporate locally

    BEIJING, Mar. 7 – China’s banking regulator said yesterday it would continue to push for the local incorporation of foreign banks. The China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) also urged locally incorporated foreign banks to build a wall separating themselves from parent banks and remaining Chinese branches. They should also set up independent risk control, accounting and[…..]

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    NPC: Concerned by rising prices, China pledges to keep CPI growth to 4.8 percent

    BEIJING, Mar. 6 – Premier Wen Jiabao pledged to cap China’s consumer price index (CPI) growth rate within 4.8 percent in 2008 – the average level of last year, to ease the country’s mounting pressure of inflation. The country’s economy will be steered to move at around 8 percent this year, on the basis of[…..]

Showing 8 of 5092 articles