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    Via Nepal, China Gains Foothold in South Asia

    This is the tenth in a series of articles that looks at China’s borders. As China has grown in the last 30 years, so have the often complicated relationships it has with its many varied neighbors. In this article, we take a look at Nepal. By Joyce Roque “In Buddhism we have relative truth and[…..]

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    SAFE Issues New Regulations to Further Control Foreign Exchange Movement

    By Helen Liu July 25 – Due to RMB appreciation as well as the large amounts of hot money illegally flowing into China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has released new regulations to further control the movement of foreign exchange. The regulations, released on July 2, 2008, will seriously affect businesses cash flow in[…..]

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    China’s Valuation Standards System

    July 25 – In November 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the China Appraisal Society jointly announced an asset appraisal standards system, comprising 15 appraisal standards. The standards system comprises two parts: professional ethics standards and business standards. The business standards are classified into four categories: basic standards, detailed standards, valuation guidelines, and guiding opinions.

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    Taking Advantage of Beilun Port: The Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone

    By Jean-Charles Briand July 24 – Located in Ningbo’s Beilun District, the Ningbo Economic and Technical Development Zone, one of China’s earliest and largest national development zones, represents a well-developed economy. The zone, approved by the State Council in 1984, currently covers an area of 29.6 square kilometers. A bonded logistics zone, a free trade[…..]

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    China Optimistic Despite Slowing Exports

    July 23 – Despite export rates slowing to 21.9 percent for the second quarter of the year compared to last year’s 27.6 percent, the government says it remains confident about the country’s economy for the remaining months of this year. June exports only rose by 17.6 percent compared to May’s 28.1 percent. The Ministry of[…..]

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    Keeping China’s Forex Safe: The State Administration of Foreign Exchange

    July 23 – Long held at an artificially low rate by the Chinese government, the RMB has been allowed to slowing appreciate in recent years, helping to ease a growing trade imbalance with the United States and the EU. The rising value is just one example of how Beijing has maneuvered tools in place to[…..]

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    China’s Olympics PR and Why the Chinese Just Cannot Win

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis July 22 – A lot of comment continues to appear in various media about the Olympics, much of it negative. From reports in Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post about “black people not allowed into Beijing bars,” to issues over excessive clampdowns and visa issues, it seems whichever way the Chinese turn,[…..]

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    Aide to British Prime Minister Victim of Honeytrap Operation in Shanghai?

    SHANGHAI, July 21 – A top aide for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been the suspected victim of a “honeytrap” operation by Chinese intelligence agents a leading British newspaper reported on Sunday. The Sunday Times is reporting that a senior Downing Street advisor had his BlackBerry phone stolen after being picked up by a[…..]

Showing 8 of 5265 articles