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    SEPA removes five more areas from blacklist

    China’s environmental watchdog removed three cities and two industrial zones from its blacklist only a week after taking out five other areas. The removal of the additional cities and industrial zones leaves only one county and two industrial zones on the list: Hejin county in north China’s coal base of Shanxi province, Lanzhou High-Tech Industrial[…..]

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    Blue skies smiling at me

    Op/Ed Commentary: Andy Scott HARRISBURG, Penn., Oct 3 – The talk of China here in the United States tends to instantly go towards that of lead paint when people find out that you live in Shanghai. Lead paint, tainted toothpaste and – for the most hard core of China watchers – tires and Africa also[…..]

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    Investors guide to the Dalian Development Zone

    By Adam Livermore DALIAN, Oct. 1 – Located further up the peninsula from the city center of Dalian, the development zone has turned into a major metropolis in its own right with a population of around 350,000. Normally it takes about 45 minutes to make the drive from the development zone to the Dalian city[…..]

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    From Dongguan to Shenzhen, how IIT for foreigners is still a confusing issue

    By Lily Xu and Rosario Di Maggio/Dezan Shira & Associates  GUANGZHOU, Sept. 30 – Individual income tax (IIT) in China is a complex subject and often misunderstood. Ask one expatriate, then ask another, and they’ll give you different opinions. However unfortunately, expatriates do not decide China’s tax regulations. Neither is the situation short of clarity[…..]

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    Double taxation agreement for Hong Kong and mainland China in effect for 2007 tax year

    By Stefanie Knirsch and Richard Hoffmann/Dezan Shira & Associates In August 2006, China and Hong Kong signed an arrangement that provides certainty and preferential tax treatment between the two tax jurisdictions, known as the “Arrangement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation on Income and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion”. Since 1995, Hong Kong has been seeking[…..]

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    New IIT systems for expatriates come online in Shenzhen

    By Eugenia Wu/Dezan Shira & Associates SHENZHEN, Sept.28 -The Shenzhen tax bureau has changed its IIT declaration systems for companies with high payments. The two new systems – IIT withholding and Yi Cai Shui (easy tax) – came into effect in July, 2007. The Yi Cai Shui system transmits data from IIT withholding to the[…..]

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    Local labor rules come into conflict with new national law

    By Cathy Gao/Dezan Shira & Associates SHANGHAI, Sept. 26 – Currently in China, labor contracts are regulated by the Labor law of the PRC and over 25 separate employment contract regulations by individual provinces and cities. These current regulations and rules are now being challenged by the recently passed Contract Labor, set to take effect[…..]

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    IIT rules for expatriates in Hangzhou change

    By Helen Ye/Dezan Shira & Associates  HANGZHOU, Sept. 26 – We have been seeing a lot of variations locally on how the individual income tax (IIT) regime has been administered for expatriates, and Hangzhou, just west of Shanghai, is a perfect example of this. Previously in Hangzhou, it was permissible to have an agent, not[…..]

Showing 8 of 4941 articles