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    Government blessings on investment a good thing?

    We’ve seen many cases over the years whereby foreign investors have been attracted to making a decision concerning a particular investment by the charms of the local government officials. “You have my full support” being a common statement made by city mayors. Yet, later on in the investments life, we have seen problems arising. The[…..]

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    Structuring foreign invested enterprises

    By Zoe Zhou/Dezan Shira & Associates  GUANGZHOU, Sept. 18 – To establish and operate a foreign invested enterprise (FIE) in China is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience for a lot of foreign investors. Good pre-investment due diligence and proper business structuring will help to minimize the negative elements and make the whole process more efficient.[…..]

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    Listing Chinese companies: Mandatory welfare payment liabilities – Whose authority counts?

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis  BEIJING, Sept. 17 – We’ve had an interesting due diligence issue crop up at Dezan Shira & Associates this past few weeks as part of a three firm consortium looking at the assets and liabilities of a Chinese national business (retail industry, 17 stores across China) that wishes to list in Hong Kong. PWC[…..]

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    Buying at the Canton Trade Fair? Watch your due diligence and go for the final day bargains

    Sep. 14 – The time of year when autumn turns leaves gold sees many Western traders also pack their bags, head for the airport with China visas neatly stamped in their passports. Yup, it’s Canton Trade Fair time again. And two months later, it’s time when phones start ringing at the Guangzhou offices of Dezan[…..]

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    The Chinese limited liability status grand misrepresentation technique

    A commonly misunderstood area by foreign investors when assessing the creditworthiness of a Chinese business is the aspect of “Limited Liability Status.” Usually, in the West, this is issued in the form of a cash injection into the business, and can be checked via the public records office. Extending credit then, say of US$1 million,[…..]

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    Should manufacturers move inland to avoid processing trade restrictions?

    By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Sept. 11 – China’s new policy restricting processing trade, which took effect nationwide August 23, will most heavily impact Guangdong province. The booming Chinese economy, which has grown at over 10 percent for the last 15 years, has been largely driven by processing trade factories located in South China and the[…..]

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    China Briefing business guide books secondary market – US$273 a copy

    China Briefing’s business guides are always best sellers (say us, blushing slightly), and dare we say it, excellent value for money. However, even the usually unflappable China Briefing editor was somewhat taken aback by the high prices our books are now commanding on third party vendor sites. A click here will reveal our “China Briefing Business[…..]

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    Event: Examining the online scene in China

    Amcham Beijing is holding a seminar on September 19 at which Chris Devonshire-Ellis, founding partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and publisher of China Briefing, 2point6billion, India Briefing, China Expat and several books on China business law and tax will be speaking. The event details are as follows: Under the Digital Influence: Eight Experts Examine[…..]

Showing 8 of 4945 articles