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    Beijing Olympics becoming politicized, UK Olympic Association backs down after stand-off with athletes

    Section 51 of Olympic Charter likely to be a key issue of interpretation Feb. 13 – In the second potentially embarrassing event to hit the Olympics this week it has emerged that the British Olympic Association has had to back down from proposed clauses it had wanted to insert into athletes contracts to prevent them[…..]

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    Direct sky casino flights planned between Hong Kong and Las Vegas

    In-flight gambling proposed for Venetian Las Vegas – Venetian Macao-linked route Feb. 13 – Plans have been announced in the Las Vegas Review Journal to launch VIP flights between Hong Kong and Las Vegas to capture some of the high roller market operating in Macau and its American counterpart. Las Vegas Sands Corp, the U.S./Macau[…..]

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    Government increases central region infrastructure spending to US$67 billion for 2008

    Policy shift targets rural areas instead of developed coast for infrastructure spending, Guangdong-based low cost manufacturers relocating Feb. 12 – The central government has topped up its investment budget for rural areas by an increased RMB100 billion (US$13.9 billion) this year, Chen Xiwen of the Central Leading Group of Rural Work announced in his New[…..]

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    China’s commodity ration coupons

    China began issuing commodity ration coupons (known as liang piao) in the 1950s, with specific coupons issued for foodstuffs, fuel, even bicycles. Without them you were not permitted to purchase the goods. The system, which was only finally abolished in 1995, ensured that under the collective system, everyone got their fair share. Pictured are food[…..]

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    Beijing to increase FDI in national power sector by liberalizing regulatory environment

    National infrastructural investment rather than regional profit taking the key to policy change By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Feb. 11 – Beijing is set to fast track regulatory changes to permit increased foreign investment in the countries stressed national and regional power grid network following the chaos of the winter’s snows, our contacts close to the[…..]

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    Olympic Marathon World Record Athlete Threatens Beijing Air Quality Pull Out

    Haile Gebresellassie, asthma sufferer, may not participate Feb. 11 – The current Olympic World Record holder for the Marathon, Ethiopian long distance runner Haile Gebresellassie stated he may pull out of participating in this summers Beijing Olympics if the air quality remains poor. In Beijing over Chinese New Year as part of an Adidas  sponsored[…..]

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    Ex PBOC Governor named Head of China’s National Pension Fund

    Responsible for USD70 billion national social security  By Chris Devonshire-Ellis February 11th – Dai Xianglong, the ex Governor of the Peoples Bank of China and the current Mayor of Tianjin has just been named as the new Head of China’s national social security fund.   Mr. Dai was born in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province in October[…..]

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    Year of the Rat Spirit Prevails As China Overcomes Its Weather

    Old Communist ideals triumph over freezing adversity By Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb 8th – China’s long ten days of extreme snowy conditions finally relented as a massive coordinated effort by the national and regional Governments together with the military enabled the nation to enjoy a peaceful new year. Snow was cleared, trains although delayed, arrived, and[…..]

Showing 8 of 5101 articles