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    Local labor rules come into conflict with new national law

    By Cathy Gao/Dezan Shira & Associates SHANGHAI, Sept. 26 – Currently in China, labor contracts are regulated by the Labor law of the PRC and over 25 separate employment contract regulations by individual provinces and cities. These current regulations and rules are now being challenged by the recently passed Contract Labor, set to take effect[…..]

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    IIT rules for expatriates in Hangzhou change

    By Helen Ye/Dezan Shira & Associates  HANGZHOU, Sept. 26 – We have been seeing a lot of variations locally on how the individual income tax (IIT) regime has been administered for expatriates, and Hangzhou, just west of Shanghai, is a perfect example of this. Previously in Hangzhou, it was permissible to have an agent, not[…..]

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    An investors guide to Dalian

    By Adam Livermore DALIAN, Sept. 26 – Dalian is a city attracting a great deal of attention right now. Particularly newsworthy is the US$2.5 billion investment by Intel in a new semiconductor plant, and the expansion of the High-Tech Zone – Dalian is set to become the Bangalore of China. Major multinationals are spearheading the[…..]

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    Vote for Amcham China’s chairman to carry the Olympic torch!

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Sept. 25 – Jim Zimmerman, chairman of Amcham China, has just done a wonderful thing and entered into the China Daily newspaper competition to select four foreigners living in China to carry the Olympic torch amongst the many locals selected as it nears Beijing for the opening ceremony. As the competition[…..]

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    The local vs state government debate: China steps backwards

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Sept. 24 – Last week I wrote about the differing legal responsibilities government in China can have, and specifically concerning a case we handled with PWC and Jun He concerning staff mandatory welfare payments, and whether or not the local government had the right to negotiate on these. Our legal research[…..]

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    Inflation, shortage of skilled staff will lead to higher salaries in 2008

    Companies will have to increase their budget for salaries by nearly 10 percent for next year, according to an industry report released yesterday. As reported in the Shanghai Daily, the salary increases are a result of both inflation and a shortage of talent. This will add pressure on the companies to improve their profitability, said[…..]

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    Government blessings on investment a good thing?

    We’ve seen many cases over the years whereby foreign investors have been attracted to making a decision concerning a particular investment by the charms of the local government officials. “You have my full support” being a common statement made by city mayors. Yet, later on in the investments life, we have seen problems arising. The[…..]

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    Structuring foreign invested enterprises

    By Zoe Zhou/Dezan Shira & Associates  GUANGZHOU, Sept. 18 – To establish and operate a foreign invested enterprise (FIE) in China is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating experience for a lot of foreign investors. Good pre-investment due diligence and proper business structuring will help to minimize the negative elements and make the whole process more efficient.[…..]

Showing 8 of 4983 articles