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    Land policy in Zhongshan

    With the spreading development of foreign direct investments across China, not only big cities, but also second tiers city have become more concerned about how to make most from the limited land they have. The southern Chinese city of Zhongshan it’s an interesting example in this regard. While the Zhongshan Government has issued a wide[…..]

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    Supplimental employee heating charges hit investors in Liaoning

    The northeast of China is entering the cold winter period, and at this time of year families have to pay their winter heating charge, which generally amounts to over RMB1,000 per household – a considerable amount considering the official average wage in Dalian is only RMB1,836 per month. In the past, this charge was generally paid[…..]

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    Further delegation of wholesale FICE approvals in Shanghai

    SHANGHAI, Jan. 1 – On  October 1, 2006, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued a notice delegating authority for approving certain categories of Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises (FICE) to the district level, in other words, to the level of administration below Shanghai Municipality (there are 18 districts and one county in Shanghai). According to this notice,[…..]

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    Fast track FICEs in Guangdong province

    As China Briefing readers probably know by heart, since December 11, 2004, foreign investors have been allowed to engage in wholesale, retailing, agency and franchising activities in Mainland China through the so-called FICE structure (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise). This new legal structure opens up an unlimited range of potential business opportunities. Meanwhile, as the authorities[…..]

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    Dalian Dayaowan Port designated as a bonded port

    A bonded port is an area within a conventional port in which goods can be processed and manufactured without being considered imports. Dayaowan Port, located in the Dalian Development Zone, has recently received approval from the State Council to operate as a bonded port. From an operational point of view, this designation will provide the[…..]

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    Developments at Shanghai Yangshan deep water port

    Nov. 2 – On the islands of Xiao Yangshan and Da Yangshan, some 30 kilometers south of Shanghai, Phase 1 of this major new facility opened in December 2005, with five container ship berths. The port lies at end of the 32.5-kilometer Donghai oversea bridge. It is expected to have a throughput of 3m TEUs[…..]

Showing 6 of 4814 articles