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    In China, healthcare becomes the third rail

    By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Nov. 1 – Access Asia’s weekly update, which arrives in my inbox every Thursday morning in time to warm my heart with its wit and pedantic charm, had a very interesting take on the recent Party Congress. The situation in China is starkly simple: lifestyle + environment + demographics = healthcare nightmare[…..]

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    The big dance: A look back at the 17th Party Congress

    By Andy Scott SHANGHAI, Oct. 31 – It came, for a time all we had to live on was breathless coverage of the inner workings of the Communist Party, and then it went. Ultimately, it was, in the words of the Daily Telegraph’s Richard Spencer, “choreographed to be as unimportant as possible.” So what actually[…..]

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    New issue of China Briefing looks at Chinese financial reporting

    The November issue of China Briefing is out now, available for free download here. The issue looks at Chinese financial reporting and is part of our due diligence series of topics which began last month with a look at legal due diligence. With several different areas to contend with from internationally accepted norms, a lack[…..]

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    Dezan Shira & Associates’ global alliance annual billings top US$1 billion

    by Chris Devonshire-Ellis  ROME, Oct. 30 – Some readers may not be familiar with the global structure of international accounting and tax services industry, nor the position Dezan Shira & Associates holds within this. Essentially, the larger firms are organized into networks, or franchises. The Big Four – PWC, Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young –[…..]

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    2007 Ernst & Young Irish Entrepreneur of the Year

    It’s good to see Dezan Shira & Associates‘ clients prospering and doing well, with an example being our long-term Shenzhen based client PCH International’s MD winning the countries E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award. Established by Dezan Shira & Associates some ten years ago, and maintained by them since then in terms of China tax[…..]

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    U.S. professional services regulatory bodies take greater interest in members’ China practices

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis  I spoke yesterday at the Beijing American Club to the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) and it struck me how much has changed – for the better – in American engagement in China. It used to be that law firms would just turn up here and arrange their own sweet deals, or[…..]

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    Bo Xilai for Chongqing?

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Oct. 25 – With the world’s media and China political reporters covering the 17th National People’s Congress this past week, much has been made of the new-look Poliburo Standing Committee and its four new members. Two of them, He Guiqiang and Li Keqiang are known personally to Dezan Shira & Associates[…..]

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    China’s troubled skies

      China’s airlines are losing their place in the global competition for air travel. While air traffic in China rose 15 percent last year due largely to the rising affordability of air travel and an increasingly wealthy population, China’s top three airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, have seen a combined[…..]

Showing 8 of 5074 articles