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    Mongolia Travel Guide Launched in Ulaanbaatar

    ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia, May 28 – Just to prove well rounded tax professionals have other interests, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, senior partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and publisher of China Briefing, launched his “Travel Guide to Ulaan Baatar & The Mongolian Countryside” on Friday at the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, with all proceeds from the book launch[…..]

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    China’s stocks fall as Greenspan comments on bubble

    It seems even in retirement, Alan Greenspan needs only to open his mouth for the world markets to go into a fit. He has now given his voice to the growing chorus of analysts voicing their concern at the bubbling Chinese stock market. No sooner had he said this, that the markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen began to[…..]

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    China Briefing’s updated Guide to China’s Business Taxes out now

    The second, updated edition of the best selling 2007 Guide to China’s Business Taxes is now available with full coverage and all new updates on: China’s Recent Income Tax Unification Impact on Foreign Investors Status of Free Trade and Other Development Zones after 1st January 2008 Encouraged Industries That May Still Obtain 15% Tax Incentives Comments[…..]

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    Water dispute in Xinjiang puts China and Kazakhstan at odds

    China’s relationship with her neighbors hasn’t always been the most cordial, and as the country’s economy has taken off, it has sought to off-set negative feelings that those neighbors may be harboring. Through projects like the roads China is building in Laos and Vietnam, the opening of the Nathu La pass between China and India,[…..]

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    Changsha to increase tourism; Wuhan to spend 10 million yuan on infrastructure

    The city of Changsha is to become one of the two centers tourism in Hunan province in the next ten years.  According to the Hunan Tourism Industry Development General Plan, approved May 20, Hunan will build tourism around two “cores:” the provincial capital of Changsha and Zhangjiajie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the west of the province.[…..]

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    Throughput capacity of Chinese ports to hit 8 billion tons by 2010

    The handling capacity of China’s ports is expected to hit 8 billion tons and 170 million TEUs in 2010, according to information from the on-going China Ports and Terminals Summit held in north China’s Tianjin Municipality. China’s ports cargo handling capacity totaled 5.6 billion tons and 93 million TEUs in 2006, both the biggest in the world for[…..]

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    China reduces VAT burden in central provinces

    The long-anticipated value-added tax pilot test plan for the central China provinces was released May 18 amid assurances that such the pilot test will cut tax burdens, encourage investment expansion, and boost industrial structure upgrading of the enterprises in central provinces. Authorities believe that the pilot test will cut production cost in 8 sectors by one-sixth to[…..]

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    China imposes export tarriffs, lowers import duties to combat trade imbalance

    The Ministry of Finance announced Monday that the country will impose extra export tariffs, while cutting import duties as of June 1 to narrow its widening trade surplus. The ministry said a total 142 low-end and resource products will be hit with additional export tariffs. According to Xinhua, China will impose five to 10 percent export[…..]

Showing 8 of 5530 articles