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IOC president warns Beijing Olympic events could be postponed


Air pollution in Beijing could cause some Olympic events to be postponed if the matter is not resolved in a year’s time warned Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympic Committee. Speaking yesterday at events marking the one year countdown till the Beijing Games kick off, Rogge specifically warned that high endurance events such as marathons and […]

Chinese river dolphin first mammal to become extinct in 50 years


China’s white river dolphin, known as the baiji (Lipotes vexillifer) appears to now be extinct, according to a team of biologists that spent six weeks searching for it in its usual habitat of the Yangtze River. This makes it the first mammal globally to become extinct in the past 50 years, despite private attempts to preserve […]

China’s insurance watchdog issues draft ruling on FDI in sector


China issued a draft ruling yesterday, clarifying the criteria for foreign investors seeking to buy stakes under 25 percent in domestic insurance companies. According to an announcement on the China Insurance Regulatory Commission’s website, overseas investors in Chinese insurance companies must have more than US$2 billion in assets and have made profits for three consecutive years. […]

Common staffing mistakes in China, and how to avoid them


It’s a slow news day – besides that whole one-year-to-go thing – and while we were tempted to run with this story from the Shanghai Daily, the better angels of our nature prevailed and instead, we decided to republish an excerpt from our popular “Common mistakes and misperceptions when investing in China – and how […]

‘Software’ and intangibles still a problem for Beijing Olympics


Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis  With the Central Government and IOC in Beijing this week to mark the one year countdown before the start of the Olympics, problems are starting to surface concerning a variety of issues over the events, and in particular the ‘soft’ issues that are so important in making a success of the Games. […]

China, the Olympics, and what it all means


Commentary: Andy Scott Tomorrow will mark one year until the Beijing Olympics. The games, which have been called everything from China’s great coming-out party to the genocide Olympics, will undoubtedly put the country under a media spotlight the likes of which most people living here have never seen. Officials have been scrambling to make sure […]

Express air service between Beijing and Shanghai launched


Flights between Shanghai and Beijing just got faster and more reliable, at least that’s the word from five Chinese airline companies who launched an express air service between the two cities yesterday. Operated by Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, a total of 36 express flights taking off almost every […]

Does responsibility for defective Chinese goods, growing trade imbalance lie with America?


A good engineering friend of China Briefing, Nick Polimeni, has been talking with us recently about the so-called glass ceiling in China concerning manufacturing, and where the real issues over the Sino-U.S. trade imbalance are. He made some interesting comments to us this morning: “I suspected, as you do, that the mark up rate for goods imported […]

Showing 8 of 6118 articles
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