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China eyes stable Afghanistan, Central Asia as key to regional development


At the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, China will seek to cement strategic partnerships with the former Soviet states of Central Asia. While China and Russia insist that the SCO was created as a counter-terrorism group, the two are in competition for influence and oil and gas rights in the four former Soviet republics of […]

China, developing nations turning to microloans as key to rural development


In a recent video shot by freelance journalist David Axe for C-SPAN, Afghani merchants of various stripes talk at length about the growth of their businesses under a microfinance system that has been put in place since the fall of the Taliban and introduction of numerous western aid agencies. Like counterpart programs in India, Bangladesh and now […]

Moving to China? Here’s some advice…


While doing some research recently on advice for foreign investors looking to enter the Chinese market, we came upon this letter to an American considering seeking opportunities in Shanghai. [There is] nothing whatever for you to do in the office in Shanghai, and, as you do not speak Chinese, I cannot put you in charge […]

China cuts individual income tax on bank savings


China’s State Council has announced that individual income tax on bank savings will be cut from 20 percent to 5 percent starting August 15, 2007. Income tax was leveled on personal bank savings on Nov. 1, 1999 as a means of encouraging consumption and investment, adjusting personal income and increasing national revenue. This reduction is an attempt […]

China announces new restrictions on processing trade


China announced a new policy on Monday seeking to curb the growth of processing trade in labor-intensive sectors, Beijing’s latest attempt to reduce the country’s soaring trade surplus. Set to take effect August 23, 2007, the new regulations will restrict processing trade of 1,853 products in plastics, furniture and textiles and other labor-intensive industries. According to a […]

Tianjin port expands to accommodate 30 percent year-on-year growth


The Tianjin Bonded Zone is seeing a lot of construction these days as the port is dredged and streets leading to the zone are dug up to lay cables and pipelines for telephone, electric and gas facilities to feed the new logistic parks under construction. By the end of 2007, according to an article in […]

Conservation efforts look to turn China’s Grand Canal into World Heritage site


The Grand Canal, a 1,800 kilometer-long waterway stretching from Beijing in the north to Hangzhou in the south linking six of China’s river systems – the Yellow, the Huai, the Qiantang, the Wei, the Hai and the Yangtze – is seeing a revival of conservation efforts following the establishment of a national organization to protect the world’s oldest canal […]

Subverting Chinalyst – how not to win friends and influence people


Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis  This month at Chinalyst, as can be seen from the “2007 China Blog Awards” banner to the right of this screen, a competition has been held in which people can vote for their favorite China blogs. It’s a good idea, and one that is overdue. These things take a bit of organising, […]

Showing 8 of 6118 articles
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