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High-speed Shanghai-Beijing train gets green light


SHANGHAI, Oct. 10 – The central government has given the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway the green light according to a notice posted on the National Development and Reform Commission’s website Tuesday. With a speed of up to 350 kilometers per hour, the high-speed train would shorten rail travel times between Beijing and Shanghai from the current […]

China Briefing: Saving energy one search at a time


China’s economic boom and rapid urbanization has stretched the nation’s energy resources dangerously thin. It doesn’t help that more than 70 percent of that energy comes from inefficient, pollution belching coal-fired power plants either. And with more and more Chinese migrating to fast rising urban centers, trading their pitch forks and shovels for air conditioners […]

Shenzhen announces regulations on registration of processing trade enterprises


SHENZHEN, Oct. 9 – Processing factories located in South China have until October 23 to decide if they want to register with the Shenzhen or local bureau of trade and industry if they want to retain their ability to import or export restricted materials should they decide to convert themselves into a foreign invested enterprise […]

Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone shifts into high gear


By Adam Livermore  DALIAN, Oct. 8 – Standing on a windswept hill overlooking the coastline of southern Dalian and looking towards the distant port town of Lushun, it is hard to visualize how the rolling rural landscape will look after it is swamped by the planned “silicon peninsula,” at least until you turn around and […]

New issue of China Briefing tackles due diligence


The October issue of China Briefing is out now, available for free download here. The issue tackles due diligence in China. Included in the comprehensive overview is due diligence buyers can conduct themselves on Chinese suppliers – with explanations on the content of a Chinese business license – and comments on sales and purchasing due […]

NPC: Foreign investment will not be affected by new anti-monopoly law


China will maintain its policy of encouraging foreign investment unchanged after the passing of the country’s first anti-monopoly law according to an official from the country’s top legislature. An official with the Commission for Legislative Affairs of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress said the necessary security checks on foreign investment in domestic […]

SEPA removes five more areas from blacklist


China’s environmental watchdog removed three cities and two industrial zones from its blacklist only a week after taking out five other areas. The removal of the additional cities and industrial zones leaves only one county and two industrial zones on the list: Hejin county in north China’s coal base of Shanxi province, Lanzhou High-Tech Industrial […]

Blue skies smiling at me


Op/Ed Commentary: Andy Scott HARRISBURG, Penn., Oct 3 – The talk of China here in the United States tends to instantly go towards that of lead paint when people find out that you live in Shanghai. Lead paint, tainted toothpaste and – for the most hard core of China watchers – tires and Africa also […]

Showing 8 of 6195 articles
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