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New restrictions on processing trade come into effect


China announced a new policy restricting processing trade in an effort to reduce a growing trade surplus. As approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued Announcement No. 44 introducing a new catalogue of restricted commodities on July 23. The new policy, which took effect August […]

Establishing trading companies in China and obtaining import-export licenses


The new issue of the China Briefing monthly magazine is now up and online. It is an examination of the establishment of trading companies – otherwise known as “FICEs” (Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises) – with full details of the application procedures. The issue also explains the myriad of things that investors often forget – details […]

Source Code China – The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing


Aug. 28 – China Briefing doesn’t usually run book reviews, but on this occasion something has come our way that we feel is well worth a read, especially for those interested in IT outsourcing. “Source Code China – The New Global Hub of IT Outsourcing,” a new book written by well known Beijing-based IT guru Cyrill […]

The almighty West and China, the fragile superpower


At last week’s China Briefing-sponsored symposium, “What China Communicates to the World,” James Fallows, international correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, had some interesting comments on both the nature of communication, as well as some of the problems that China and the Western world – and the United States in particular – have when dealing with […]

Minimum registered capital: How much is too low?


It’s the time of year when everyone starts to filter back to China again after the summer break and also the time when new-to-China “consultants,” “lawyers” and generally enthusiastic small investors start to emerge. Having a glass of ASC’s very fine imported Beringer Shiraz at Centro last night, it amazed me to hear several comments from […]

China looks to deal with rising number of labor disputes


State media announced today that China’s top legislature started to read the draft law on labor dispute mediation and arbitration on Sunday amid an increasing number of labor disputes that emerged in the country. “The draft bill has summed up the experience in solving labor disputes, which also takes new situation and problems into account. […]

Reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhas must obtain government approval


Trawling through some of the blogs this week I happened upon this news snippet courtsey of Stan Abrams at China Hearsey, in which China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs has cited the need for central government approval for living buddhas to be recognized. The actual People’s Daily piece is here. All of which brings us […]

VAT refunds for FICEs stall in Hangzhou


By Andy Scott HANGZHOU, Aug. 24 – Foreign invested commercial enterprises best look elsewhere when considering a place to set up, at least that is the consensus we are getting from Hangzhou, where the authorities are making it very difficult for FICEs to receive their VAT refunds on exported goods. Since June 2004, China has […]

Showing 8 of 6195 articles
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