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Dalian plays host to “Summer Davos”


By Adam Livermore  DALIAN, Aug. 24 – Dalian is hosting a prestigious three-day meeting for fast-developing multinational companies beginning September 6. Entitled the “Inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions” and informally dubbed the “Summer Davos” because of its perceived similarity to the Swiss summit held every winter. The event is attracting CEOs from companies […]

Additional post-establishment requirements for companies leasing properties in Shenyang


Shenyang is currently a hotbed for foreign investment, particularly in the high-end retail, real estate and manufacturing sectors. When establishing a company or a branch office the State Tax Bureau requires a Certificate of Tenancy to be issued by the Housing Management Bureau. This sounds straightforward enough, however in order to obtain this document a […]

Why are foreign analysts considering China plays as internationally relevant?


The tempestuous dragon and global stock markets By Jon Byrne and Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Aug. 23 – The China stock market continues to sizzle; and with fears that a bubble is developing it is only natural to ask “should investors outside of China worry about a correction or collapse in China’s stock market impacting global […]

Intellectual property issues in China


Based 0n the Nike verdict yesterday, we decided to run a bit of an article we published last July in China Briefing on intellectual property issues in China. IP is very much an emotive issue when it comes to China, and there are many misconceptions or misunderstandings about the subject and how to cope with […]

Chinese shoemakers, Auchan to pay Nike compensation


A court in Shanghai has ordered two Chinese shoe manufacturers and a French supermarket to pay American sporting goods giant Nike 350,000 yuan (46,000 U.S. dollars) in compensation for copyright infringement China Daily said today. The two Fujian-based manufacturers, Jinjiang Longzhibu Shoes Co Ltd and Jinjiang Kangwei Shoes Co Ltd, made shoes bearing a logo that was “basically the same” as […]

Is China’s GDP really only 6 percent?


China’s booming economic growth may not be all it seems. In Sunday’s New York Times, Lester Thurow argues China’s official economic statistics are not to be believed and there is simply no way its economy will catch the United States before the end of the century. Thurow, a professor of management and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, […]

Foreign interns experience working in Guangzhou


There was an interesting televised program on Guangzhou today in which three interns gave their experiences of working for foreign companies in Guangzhou. One of them is Artur Jakubas, a Polish student currently undertaking an internship with Dezan Shira & Associates in the firm’s Guangzhou office, as part of his masters thesis at the University […]

Brand China struggles under the weight of product recalls


China is struggling to protect its brand; the country has been hit repeatedly over the last several months with product recalls that would make Ford blush. First it was the diethylene glycol as glycerin problems in Panama that can only be described as tragic – Beijing’s assertion that the blame fell to the Panamanians, a sad […]

Showing 8 of 6195 articles
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