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Shanghai rental rates for expats ranked 8th in world, Beijing 11th


The average rental rate for a three-bedroom in an expatriate community in Shanghai is US$4,000 per month according to a recent survey by ECA International. Shanghai rental rents rose five percent from the previous year, while the rental rate for a similar apartment in Beijing dropped six percent from 2005 to an average price of US$3,840, for […]

Shenyang EU Economic / Techinical Development Zone


The Shenyang EU Economic Development Zone is a new project conceived by the Shenyang Municipal Government and located in the northeast part of Shenyang, 15 kilometers from the central business district. It covers an area of 12 sq. km, 5 sq. km of which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. […]

New developments for foreign trade companies inside the Yantian and Futian FTZs


The Notice on Relevant Issues in the Administration of Foreign Trade in Free Trade Zones and Bonded Logistics Parks was issued on July 13, 2005 and clarified that trade companies inside the Yantian & Futian FTZs may apply to the Ministry of Commerce for foreign trade and distribution rights. Since the first of March, the […]

Environmental evaluation reports in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta


As a consequence of being the main pioneering area for the reforms and opening up policies of the People’s Republic of China and as well as the world’s factory hub for more than a decade, investments in Pearl River Delta are increasingly being more affected by pollution related problems. Environmental issues here, more than anywhere […]

Electronic Foreign Exchange Certificate application process changes in Hangzhou


Chief representatives of ROs and the legal representatives for FICEs are now required to go in person to register for a foreign exchange certificate if they want to have an account that can accept foreign currencies in Hangzhou. This new regulation differs from that of Shanghai where an agent applies for the Electronic Foreign Exchange […]

China’s corporate bankruptcy law comes into effect


China’s corporate bankruptcy law took effect today. The law, which effects both foreign and domestic companies, allows creditors or financial supervision agencies to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against companies whose managements are unwilling to do so. The law should streamline the process for declaring bankruptcy or securing defaulted payments, especially for foreign companies that before fell […]

Event: China and India, getting the dragon and the elephant right and special economic zones


On Tuesday, June 5, China Briefing publisher Chris Devonshire-Ellis will participate in the second China-India event to be held in the Capital Club in Beijing.  Details are as follows: China and India: Getting the Dragon and the Elephant right and an outlook on Special Economic Zones Date: Tuesday, June 5, at 6:30 pm Venue: Capital […]

China rebounds as Asian stocks rise to record on Fed’s U.S. predictions


What a difference a day makes. This morning the Asian press was seeing enough blood in the water to make Jaws happy, but with the end of business today, Asia stocks are soaring. China gained back 1.1 percent after losing 6.8 percent yesterday, a slide that wiped out US$161 billion in market value. Bloomberg reports: […]

Showing 8 of 6118 articles
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