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Key Points in the Application of Chinese Labor Laws to Foreign Employees


Foreign employee management has become one of the top concerns for many companies. In this article, we introduce the “special features” that apply to foreign employees in labor relations management.

2024 Import-Export Tariffs in China


We explain the adjustments to China’s import and export tariffs in 2024, including tariff waivers, reductions, and increases for certain commodities.

An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2024 – New Publication Out Now


Doing Business in China 2024 is designed to guide new and established investors in China with updated policy changes. In this Guide, we specially focused on China’s changing business landscape and the implications for foreign investors.

China Corporate Presence and Investment in the US


Chinese firms have established a considerable presence in the US, contributing to its economic landscape and fostering exchanges between the two countries.

Navigating Hong Kong’s ESG Landscape: Regulations, Trends, and Opportunities


Hong Kong, positioned at the crossroads of finance and sustainability, emerges as a key player in the global ESG landscape. With robust regulatory frameworks, strategic green finance initiatives, and a surge in demand for ESG expertise, Hong Kong offers a vibrant ecosystem for sustainable finance.

China’s Central Economic Work Conference Outlines Key Priorities for 2024


China’s 2023 Central Economic Work Conference emphasized the importance of striking a balance between the pace and quality of development while providing an inside perspective on key economic priorities for the year 2024.

China Moves to Facilitate Cross-Border Data Flows, Hints at Regulatory Easing in 2024


Comments made by EU Commission President suggest China will seek to facilitate cross-border data flows in 2024 by providing more regulatory clarity.

China Industries to Watch in 2024


We spotlight key China industries to watch for in 2024 in terms of enabling government policies, technology transformation, and market prospects.

Showing 8 of 6194 articles
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