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China’s Cybersecurity Regulator Moves to Ease Cross-Border Data Transfer Rules


A new set of draft regulations seeking to ease China’s cross-border data transfer rules could greatly facilitate data export for foreign companies and multinationals.

China Releases First Guidelines for Cross-Border Data Transfer Application


A new set of guidelines provide details on applying for China data export. We explain the procedures and documentation required.

Cross-Border Data Transfer – New Measures Clarify Security Review Requirements


China has released long-awaited measures detailing requirements for security assessments for transferring data out of the country.

China Delays Cross-Border Data Transfer Rules amid Trade War Talks


China has delayed the implementation of cross-border data transfer rules that were set to go into force at the end of 2018 as part of the country’s Cybersecurity Law.

China Cybersecurity and Data Protection Regulations – 2023 Recap and 2024 Outlook


How have data protection regulations developed over the past year? We summarize the latest developments and discuss the future outlook of China’s data regulations.

Asia Transfer Pricing Brief: Q3 2023


In our first Asia Transfer Pricing Brief, for Q3 2023, we provide the latest transfer pricing updates from Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

Shanghai and Beijing Take Crucial Step in Liberalizing Cross-Border Capital Transfer


Beijing and Shanghai are set to liberalize the inflow and outflow of foreign capital for foreign companies and employees.

China’s Proposed Measures to Ease Cross-Border Data Management for MNCs


We provide an overview of the current cross-border data transfer requirements and China’s initiatives to facilitate cross-border data management for multinational corporations (MNCs).

Showing 8 of 291 articles
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