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    Nationality Row over Qualifications for China Lawyers

    Jun. 5 – China’s Ministry of Justice is coming under the spotlight as are the roles of foreign lawyers in China following a case involving PRC-educated and qualified lawyer Stanley Cha, formerly of King & Wood, The Lawyer magazine has reported. Cha, who practiced Chinese law with both Llinks and King & Wood, served on[…..]

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    ChinaGlare – Has Your China Business Become Too China-Centric?

    ChinaGlare (chī-nə glair): When an Asian regional business, financial opportunity or development of similar magnitude to the economic situation of China at point of WTO entry occurs, but is overlooked due to the over-focusing of an individual or business exclusively upon developments within China as an investment market.

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    Relax. South China Exports and Manufacturers are Doing Just Fine

    Op/Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb. 1 – With some media spotlighting potential problems in South China – and one blog even going so far as to suggest smart Chinese businessmen are queuing up to attract orders, only to deliberately declare bankruptcy – it’s time to look again at the realities of the situation. The actual[…..]

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    China 2012: Strong Growth Forecast, No Inherent Problems

    China next year – changes and trends (part one of a two-part article) Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Dec. 12 – Our firm, Dezan Shira & Associates has just finished our initial draft budgeting for 2012, and although some tweaking still needs to be carried out, the initial prognosis for the coming year seems positive. Our[…..]

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    Economist China Summit: The Debates Discussed

    Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Nov. 3 – The Economist Magazine’s China Summit was held today in Beijing, a major platform for senior business executives involved in China to get together, debate and participate in the pressing issues of China’s future. Provocatively subtitled “China and the New World Disorder,” the event was attended by some 150[…..]

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    Chris Devonshire-Ellis:Bribery More Likely Among Overseas Chinese Staff

    Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Mar. 29 – In the aftermath of the ten-year jail sentence handed down to Rio Tinto’s Chinese staff for bribery, much has to be learnt from the pressures placed upon ethnic Chinese employees who are now nationals of other countries. In a case that has uncovered significant bribes being paid to[…..]

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    Shanghai Expo 2010: The Taiwan Pavilion

    The 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai will be the first registered one in a developing country. Officially known as “Expo Shanghai 2010,” it will last 184 days and provide China an opportunity to show off its remarkable economic growth. The expo will also give foreign nations and companies a chance to further develop business partnerships[…..]

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    Bo Xilai for Chongqing?

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Oct. 25 – With the world’s media and China political reporters covering the 17th National People’s Congress this past week, much has been made of the new-look Poliburo Standing Committee and its four new members. Two of them, He Guiqiang and Li Keqiang are known personally to Dezan Shira & Associates[…..]

Showing 8 of 122 articles