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    Shanghai Expo 2010: The Taiwan Pavilion

    The 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai will be the first registered one in a developing country. Officially known as “Expo Shanghai 2010,” it will last 184 days and provide China an opportunity to show off its remarkable economic growth. The expo will also give foreign nations and companies a chance to further develop business partnerships[…..]

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    Bo Xilai for Chongqing?

    By Chris Devonshire-Ellis BEIJING, Oct. 25 – With the world’s media and China political reporters covering the 17th National People’s Congress this past week, much has been made of the new-look Poliburo Standing Committee and its four new members. Two of them, He Guiqiang and Li Keqiang are known personally to Dezan Shira & Associates[…..]

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    China, the Olympics, and what it all means

    Commentary: Andy Scott Tomorrow will mark one year until the Beijing Olympics. The games, which have been called everything from China’s great coming-out party to the genocide Olympics, will undoubtedly put the country under a media spotlight the likes of which most people living here have never seen. Officials have been scrambling to make sure[…..]

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    Vietnam passes China to become most attractive destination for FDI

    Vietnam has exceeded China to become the most attractive destination for investment in production while the United Arab Emirates surpasses India to become an ideal place for investment in services, according new survey of emerging markets by Price Waterhouse Coopers. According to The Sunday Times, the index assesses 20 prominent emerging-market locations on the basis[…..]

Showing 4 of 124 articles