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China Monthly Tax Brief: September 2023


In this China Monthly Tax Brief, we discuss the roll-out or extension of 16 tax policies announced in September and support measures for FIE enterprises liberalizing cross-border capital flows and optimizing the foreign investment environment.

Shanghai and Beijing Take Crucial Step in Liberalizing Cross-Border Capital Transfer


Beijing and Shanghai are set to liberalize the inflow and outflow of foreign capital for foreign companies and employees.

China Releases New Measures to Further Open-Up its Free Trade Zones


China’s FTZ Opening-Up Measures will further liberalize the business environment in six pilot regions to promote international trade and investment.

China Reopening in 2023 – What’s Changed in the Economy, Policy, and Diplomacy?


We look at how the economy, government policy, and international diplomacy has developed since China lifted COVID-19 restrictions at the end of 2022.

China Considers Extending its EV Subsidies to 2023 (updated)


China EV subsidies could be extended if the government considers it necessary to stimulate the market, besides tackling slow growth in the auto industry.

Powering the Future: Investing in China’s Photovoltaic Industry


We discuss the strategic advantages and investment opportunities in China’s photovoltaic (PV) industry, which leads global installed capacity and manufacturing capabilities.

Investing in Deyang: Industry, Economics and Policy


The city of Deyang, in southwestern Sichuan province, has evolved into a thriving economic hub rich of opportunities for investors.

Swiss Companies in China Experience a Post-COVID Confidence Boost


Swiss companies in China have become more efficient during the pandemic and acquired a new sense of confidence in their business and investments.

Showing 8 of 153 articles
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